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Signing out

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by AresKenux, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Well it was fun guys, but I think I'm halt all my GC progress from here on, because I've learned so much, but my bucket is full! And I taught and helped all that I can, but it's always not enough. And it's not enough because, I'm starting to let GC become my life rather then letting life be my life. I need a break, need some air, maybe some cerebral hygiene to start. Got to focus on my thoughts and get rid of some of this overflowing water. Unsubscribing from all posts. If you need to reach me for some help trying to wrap your head around something, go ahead and PM me, I should get those messages in my inbox in my email. So, enjoy yourselves. Keep that chin up. Stay positive, keep your mind open to all possibilities, accepts what is true, deny what is false. You know the works.

  2. I actually don't know who you are.
  3. he has absorbed everything he could now he is going to practice it, best of luck, best of luck
  4. Blade for 2 years

    Still posts in wrong forum

  5. I hear ya man....I just recently returned after an absence of more than 6

    sometimes its good to take a break and do other things....

    Well be here if you ever decide to come back:smoking::wave::hello:
  6. Enjoyed reading many of your posts. Always a shame to see one of the good ones go.

    Be well.
  7. I feel like anyone who has to formally say bye on a public forum has probably been spending too much time here anyway... Did you expect all your fans to say they will miss you? Lol.... Get a life!
  8. Star raptor just freakin trolls people blowing there high dude get a life

  9. [​IMG]
  10. I will miss you!
  11. Hes journey to be bitch slapped repeatedly by reality has begun.:smoking:
  12. and when YOU do come back fix all your post's they dont make any sense. :)

    Hes not reading this so it dont matter :D
  13. Sorry if they don't make sense to ya...

    Maybe it wasn't for you to understand?

    Back for a sec, I'm posting an unfinished story I wrote, to this forum, just going to look for the spot real quick, then post it...
  14. Alright I didn't feel like posting the story after-all. Thought about it, I got to rewrite it before releasing it. But I'll be on for a few days, my schedule cleared up, but when shit gets busy again I'll be taking my leave then.
  15. Your speech made me think you were leaving GC with some dignity :) But you couldnt resist and like a person staging their own funeral just to hear what people say about them. Your still here.

    Im only joking man :) it did get you out from shadows :D

    What was it like out there anyway? :)

  16. Haha, good points, it felt! boring...

    But I did recollect some good thoughts and vibes, and it was a good breather. But I'm not going to be around for long, as soon as shit starts going down for me, I'm gone! Gone like the wind, or more like a petho..

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