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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by fight4yourmindd, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. if i order and acrylic bong will i have to sign for it?
  2. Depends on cost and delivery service.
  3. yes you will have to sign for it!


  4. do u need a official ID to sign for packages?
  5. No, I've never been ID'd for a package.
  6. aright coo, thx SJ
  7. wtf ^^^^ i mean "Mary Jane" not SJ, ive been baked for like 8 hrs, forgive my absent mind
  8. when did grasscity start making people sign? ive got a bong awhile back and didnt have to sign? with the regular 11 buck shipping,
  9. I never have to show an ID because I never have to sign. It's always waiting for me outside when I get home.
  10. yea i wouldnt ahve asked, but i saw came across some thread and som1 said that u have to sign for packages, and i never had to before so i was jjsut wonderin if anything was changed,
  11. wait that was this thread, damn, my bad, hahaha wow im tierd, YEA! i neva had to sign ever
  12. ...huh?

    So yes or no to the signing? Never really a strait answer

    yes you will have to sign for it!



    So do I listen to that guy? Because if I have to sign im screwed.

    Thank you.
  13. naa u dont have to sign for it, not unless u use 60 doller shipping, with the regular studd they jsut drop it off at ur door, ive ordred like 4 times from teh city and not once have i had to sign, i live in chicago btw, mayb its dif other places outta america, but othewise dont worry about it
  14. WHICH IS IT?! yes or no SJ?
  15. yeaaa thats why u had to sign for it, most likly. all my orders have been under 60 bucks, and ive never had to sign once ever,

  16. orders above 100 bucks sign, all UPS orers sign, the other don't need signature,

  17. i got my package yesterday, it just came in the mail in a white box, i didn't have to sign for anything, might be different for you.
  18. Aw forreal? I just ordered something that was 105 dollars, if i had known i'd have to sign I would have done it under 100, I don't think its shipped yet tho, is there any way for me to give consent for it not to be signed and just left at the door?

    My order number is 064105

    please and thank you's,
  19. You need to contact the support section of the City shop to answer this question, located here:
  20. I ordered a quite cheap bong and they send me a note from post office what said "you have a little package delivered from holland", my mother was indeed very curious about this (the note wasn`t in an envelope, she was wondering what the hell did i order from there).
    So, i had to fill in the caps in this note - write a shitload of information about myself, including my drivers lincene number and so on.
    Then i went to post office with this note and they wanted to see some ID and indeed, i had to sign.
    Ofcourse, i got my package with no additional problems.

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