Significance of your username?

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  1. Well I didn't see another thread when I searched so I decided to make this one. :D

    I see all these names and I always think to myself "Why the f*ck did you name yourself cumdumpster?". Well cumdumpster, this is now your time to shine! Why did you choose your GC name? Does it hold any significance at all?

    I picked my username because when I was trying to sign up I couldn't think of anything. I decided to put idontknow as the user name because well....i didn't know what to put but that wouldn't work. Then I tried to put ireallydontknow and that still didn't work. So my genius mind came up with ireallydontwhat :cool:. The "what" symbolizes when I am fried and someone explains something to me and I reply with "what?". Hahaha it always pisses them off.

    So yeah that is my story....quite boring I know. Anyone actually have a cool origin to spice this thread up!?
  2. Mine isn't really that cool, I play Warhammer 40k and my first army was Eldar (basically space elves.. haha). I've used "Eldar220" for almost every account I've made for anything since.
  3. Rhymes with little miss muffet.
  4. [ame=]Tool - Forty Six & 2 (Lyrics and Meaning) - YouTube[/ame]
    "The main idea is a sort of change into a higher state of being. Right now, humans have 46 chromosomes. It is estimated and presumed that the next stage of evolution will add 2 chromosomes to our DNA, hence the title Forty Six & 2.
    There are many references to a shadow in the song. This is a reference to Carl Jung's work and theory. The shadow is everything in us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped and denied. These are dark, rejected aspects of our being. There is supposedly good in our shadow, as well. However, since it is only our unconscious, we are unaware of what that good is.
    The song talks about stepping through the shadow, longing for a deeper understanding of our unconscious and who we are, leading to a sort of higher state of being."
  5. I hope mine is obvious

  6. you blew my mind!

  7. Straight from urban dictionary

    glazing a knuckle\t40 up, 8 down
    From what I understand, after you jack your dick, the come runs down the side of your dick and onto your hand. The result looks like the substance used to glaze donuts or cinnamin rolls. I never said it was pretty.
    Me: "Ray-Ray, where the fuck is Lil' Earl?"
    Ray-Ray: "That fool is in the bathroom, galzing a knucle."

    Nice. :p
  8. I was eating a toaster strudel at the time but changed toaster to toasted like being high. Simple stuff
  9. It just popped in my head and wouldn't go away lol
  10. hijacker. but instead it's HIGHjack3r cause... Ilol idk.
  11. There's already a big thread on this, but I just like both the things in my name so I chose it.
  12. Mines just a user name I use a lot idk wish I could change it though
  13. Just a play on words of the infamous Leroy Jenkins
  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I HAVE FAILED :mad: I figured there would be a thread but I couldn't find it using the search, then again I didn't make the best attempt at it. Nice sig btw!

  15. It's all good the search function sucks anyways:wave:
  16. Cosmos because I love Carl Sagan's Cosmos series and all things astronomy.

    YEM for the Phish song You Enjoy Myself.

    Combo of my two favorite things - phish and astronomy!
  17. Orange is a neat color I enjoy it. However I am more than just an orange. That leaves me with really only one option for a username.
  18. I've used shizmot since I was a kid and have never seen anyone else take it before me. If you've even seen a shizmot on D2 or WoW, even CoD and countless other games, that was me.

    No idea where I came up with that shit but its got a nice ring to it. And online pc games people call me "shiz" for short which I fuckin love for some reason.
  19. ^What server were you on in D2?
  20. Madvillain

    Told ya, on some get-rich shit
    As he get older he gets colder than a witch tit
    This is it, make no mistakes
    Where my ***** go?
    Figaro, Figaro

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