Significance of a red username?

Discussion in 'General' started by thestonedstoner, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. What's up guys?

    Throughout my time on GC, I've noticed some blades have different colored usernames. I noticed:
    Green- mod or admin (I think)
    Gold- gold member
    silver- silver member
    bronze- bronze member
    Red- ???

    So I've been wondering... What does it mean when your username is red? Does it have to do with post count? How do you get one?

    Also, a bonus question. What determines what color your username is? In other words, say you're registered as a gold member, but you unlocked the ability to have a red name. What determines which color becomes visible? Do you get to pick, or do some colors have more significance than others (and in that case mods/admins choose for you)?

    I know this is somewhat of a pointless and trivial question, but I'm very curious and I would like to know.
  2. No idea but I like the word significance! Sorry for the pointless post. lol
  3. When you get a gold membership you get to pick your usernames color i believe.
  4. I know, it truly is a great word.
  5. it's an honorary thing I think... for people who have been around forever

  6. any color? because I believe I've only seen mods with a green one.
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    we are satans minions.

    also, it has to do with membership. red is like 10 bucks, silver is 20, i think gold is 30. its cool yo.
    i encourage more blades to join.
    you get shop discounts n shit.

    -bright bright red? idk about that one...

  8. oh okay cool, any idea how long it takes? Or is it only limited to people who have been here since the beginning of GC?
  9. lol what colours mine?

  10. nah you have bronze. The red I'm talking about is bright, bright red.

  11. blue, just like mine and most other members.
  12. Blue - Normal
    Green - Mod/Admin
    Bronze - Donate $10
    Silver - Donate 20
    Gold - Donate 30 (you can use bigger sigs, profile pics, and avatars with gold)
    Red - VIP
    Purple - Forum guide (Junior mod basically, currently aren't any)
  13. no no no.

    My color: bronze
    Gray: Silver membership
    Orange: Gold membership
    Red: VIP
    Green: Mod/Admin

    trust me, i know.
  14. If you look at the list of currently oonline users, you'll see some members have a bronze-ish color like KiefSweat and others have a bright red. That's the red I'm inquiring about.

  15. you beat me to it lol

  16. VIPs dude

  17. It isn't just how long you've been here, yphave to have been a member for atleast 2yrs, and be a good member.

    Mods pick new VIPs every once in awhile.

  18. pretty sure there's no hard limit... just whatever the mods feel like
  19. Thanks to everyone who helped clear this matter up. :)

    Do you know why there aren't any forums guide at the moment? I'd like to have a purple username (it's my favorite color), I know it's kinda pointless and useless but still. What do junior mods even do, is it the same as regular mods but on a smaller scale?
  20. ^I think because they all either graduated or left :p

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