signed by small record Label, cd coming out at the end of next month, check my tunes

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    i got signed by a really really small record label a few months ago, and now they are going to put out my Album next month and send out promo copies to magazines and blogs. I made a thread a few weeks back, but i uploaded a new song to my site, got a new site, and got the album artwork finalized( thanks to one of our own). So now all i have to do is wait for the release date and see if it gets any media coverage.
    its kinda indie pop rock
    check it out and tell me what you think and like em if you like em(on face book, would be helpfull),
    if not, i dont blame you really

    My band camp
  2. You have a nice sound
  3. Depending on how broke i am, I might buy this when it comes out.
  4. haha thanks guys, no pressure
  5. damn dude, this stuff is actually really good. most of the music on grasscity is shit but like this a lot. where are you from?
  6. damn dude, i like the sound.

    very clean and well done man.

    sounds like a old friend and mines band.

    just jammin and some singing.

    i may buy it
  7. I'll def try to pick this up man, I'm lovin it.
  8. thanks, ill put you guys on a private message list to send out when it comes out
  9. Good looks man, not my type of music really but it's got some real nice vibes to it
  10. Listened to The Town Crazies, and I thought it sounded really bad during the guitar intro. Too much chorus?
    I really liked the vocals tho :) thought the beat that started at 0:37 was pretty cool as well.

    Good luck man!
  11. I enjoy the constructive criticism. thanks
  12. I was totally expecting a shitty hip hop project for some have a good sound!
  13. Im listening to it right now and I think its great man! It has a cool relaxing sound, perfect to smoke to I wish it was longer (the first song)

  14. haha funny to hear, thats the last music i would make but i can see how that impression could be given these days
  15. Just put up a song for download. so please feel free to download if you enjoy
  16. Not bad at all man i liked it, props. Good sound and solid lyrics. Plus i loved this...

    "An album about crazy people, oceans, and murder.
    Recorded in the basement of a dorm, spawned from craziness and late nights."
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