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  1. I dont know how this works or if its polite to ask someone to make me a sig. Just wondering if anyone was up for it, my Sig. isn't doing it for me anymore. If this is pointless thread someone can delete it.
  2. Lol.... if you give me some pics and whatever I'll make you one
  3. Thanks a lot I have no luck with image editing programs. If this image does not work or you cannot make it look the way you want I have plenty of others. Prefer the first image but the others would be awesome too.

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  4. And do you want your name on them? or any other words?
  5. Well I went ahead and assumed, if you don't like it I can change it but I just made it how I thought it would look good...


  6. Sorry just got off a 20 hour shift lol, they look awesome ill use the bottom one thanks a lot right what I was looking for. :)

    Thanks a TON

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