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Discussion in 'General' started by dhoyda, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Hey, I would like someone with mad photoshop skills to hook me up with a sig. I pm'd Perfekt and he never got back to me, so I doubt he will make me one.

    I will pretty much let you run wild. Here are the guidelines.

    No Tye-Dye
    Must have my username
    Must have some type of marijuana pariphinalia (sp) in it

    Thanks to whoever does it, and props for the help.
  2. Ill get to it in about 10 minutes, plus the name dhoyda is interesting, what does it mean. And also describe what type of person you are, ethnicity, social genre, hobbies...
  3. haha, I just downloaded photoshop to make my sig ^^
  4. hey lebowski can you make me one too man, i dont have adobe and it seems like you have a good idea what your doing man
  5. Make your own thread :mad:

    Lol, just kidding, let him make mine first yo.
  6. hey its comin on hella nice, ill be done in 5-10min.
  7. Tight, thanks Lebowski
  8. And pop it comes out the toaster:


    I hope u like, and heythere, ill do urs tomorrow ;)
  9. Dude, that is tight shit., Going into my sig now. +Rep for a tight sig
  10. Waitwaitwait

    I think it looks better like this:


    w/e u want
  11. I agree, it is fixedd and thanks again bro
  12. :hello: nice sig bro........tad too large, but nice sig

  13. SSSHHHHH!!!! :poke: :hide:
  14. hey lebowski, can you make me one? if you can, all i want is a red or black 2g eclipse or talon with a big marijuana leaf in the background. if you want to, you can put "POWERED BY MARIJUANA" somewhere. and my name somewhere.

    just search for 2g DSM and it should have some good pics.
  15. Lol, Heythere is supposed to be next, but since hes not on ill work on urs.
    I have no idea what a 2g is, im supposing its a car, ill mess around with google n stuff.
    And tell me what your personality is like it helps my creativity, im like one of those european photographers:
    Come on baby! *chik* Show me what you got *chik* You're an ANIMAL RAWR *chik chik chik* :p
  16. ey I found this pic of one all customised, you want me to use this, plus the orange goes good witht he forum colors:

  17. Well shit, this is like a comunity service now. Free sigs for everyone!!!!

  18. Hahah, where've you been, thats like 60% of the art section of the forum is sig making offers/requests.
  19. yea use that car, it will work nicely. have it say TALON in green across the bottom of the pic and have a marijuana leaf behind the car, where it looks like the car is sitting in front of a wall with a marijuana leaf except without the wall.
  20. I say I officially have the coolest sig pic ever... no idea where it is originally from, but it fascinates me.

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