Signature Request, PhotoWiz's Help me Out

Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys, Im asking a simple request. If any of you Photo Wizards have some spare time i'd like a new Sig. The only payment I can offer is some +rep. :)

    I'd like this Nugget in the signature, sideways if needed to show the whole thing, and fAKdded in some cool font, and PINK. Thanks to all who read this and take consideration. And if needed, I have a copy of the full pic, if this one is too big or out of porportion.

  2. i dont have much to do so i'll give it a try
    if u got any other things u want it to be like post em man. plus i want sum more practice with photoshop.
  3. yeah man i think i need the original. also in sum parts its REALLY hard to tell the bud from the wall or whatever the hell the background is.
  4. theres one if you dont like it tell me and I'll try sum other style. dont forget to click it then save it so u have the big one. (not entirely sure it matters but u know)

  5. so do u like it.
  6. Yeah its pretty cool, beats my Monster one. Thanks.:)
  7. Ill see if i can throw one together for u later today!

  8. Is that you balancing that glorious bud on your finger, fakdded?
  9. Haha, you're holding it. In the small picture, I thought you were balancing the end of it on your finger. That's some great bud, though...
  10. perfekt can probably do a way better one lol
  11. If i get some time later today, ill give it a whirl..

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