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Discussion in 'General' started by SoljaFeJah, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Umm how do i get my Sig to work? I had someone make me one and i made it a profile picture (looked like the onlyplace it can go) but its not showing. Can someone help.
  2. well do u know img codes? ill see if it sill show
    < img src = " img url " >

    no spaces except for inbtwn img and src. if u dont know wut an img url is then i dunno ur kinda comp iliterate. no offense to any1
  3. Uhh, It is?

    Unless I'm missing something....

    EDIT- Nvm, I thought he meant a text sig.

    If you get the image URL you can probably just wrap it in the img tags.
  4. did u put it in... ur signature? im confused lol whatcha mean profile picture? go to user cp, then click edit signature. click the button that looks like a picture of a landscape, and paste ur link. that should get the pic in ur sig
  5. Testing.....WTF y is it comming out alot smaller than what its supposed to?
  6. Ya man dats solid thx doing something wrong on image shack...dunno what though... anyway THX alot guys....So how is my Signature cool eh? THX phreakymonk for makin it.
  7. It seems like it's working fine.

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