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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Devious, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Ok, so I got a msg from Junkie about 20 mins ago telling me that my sig was against the rules because it had text as well as a picture. NOW, while I dont have too many problems following and understanding most rules, this is something that strikes me as something completely asinine especially with your set limits on pic sizes and what not. Do I understand that every letter takes up place on a server? Yes, I do, but I also know that you limit the amount of text within the box, as well as the size of the pics, fonts and what not. So, why not let people have more? Its not like you have to pay extra for someone to have both. Is this something that you have in effect to make money off of the memberships? If so, then I understand, but while Ive changed it, I dont see the point and feel that its a pretty useless rule to have.

    If the size is the issue, limit it. If the space is the issue, limit that as well. If the traffic is the issue, well, shit. I dont know what to say on that one, I mean seriously. You have a gallery thats HUGE, as well as the ability to upload tons of pix that you guys foot the bill for the server space for. I would happily trade my gallery for my signature to be the way that I want it.

    So, whats the real reason this rule is here, because as a user of this board, and dont get my words twisted, I enjoy the boards, this rule seems a tad bit useless and ludicrous. Please explain.
  2. just a question for you man:

    while registering here and after reading the rules that you obviously disagree with.. why did you still join the boards?
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    Superjoint has the signature limits set for a reason. They've been the same way for a very long time and won't change. That's one thing he's very firm on. Paid memberships only started last year so the extra perk of a larger signature is just a perk for donating and nothing to get extra money for. Most members pay for the secret forum, not the sig. :rolleyes:

    The rules have been posted in every single forum for years and years and years so you've had direct access to those rules and never brought up your issue about the signature rules until you got hit with a warning or infraction...WAIT, you didn't even get a warning for it like you should got a nice, friendly PM, it seems. :rolleyes:

    As soon as you post your very first post in the Grasscity Community, you agree to the rules. If you break the rules, you suffer a consequence. You didn't even get the consequence that you should have yet you came here to complain about rules that you agreed to when you first posted.

    Now, I have to (due to your friendly PM rather than a warning/infraction and your declaration of it here) insist that the Moderators and Super Moderators be more consistent and give a warning (or infraction based on past warnings) for every single signature that's out of Superjoint's set limits.

    So there's no confusion, Superjoint has made it clear that these limits will not be increased any time soon. They will remain the same.


    ***I want to clear a little something up. You made it out like you had received a friendly PM from JD about your signature but you were actually having a 'conversation' about the infraction you had received for name-calling and she gave you an "oh by the way" in regards to your signature. Just to be clear!
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