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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Andy2552, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I created this petition to help gain momentum on our representatives to show that us PA citizens are FOR medical marijuana, and marijuana use in general.

    Petition: The U.S. Senate: Stop the prohibition of marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania |

    PLEASE sign and state a reason behind you signing. If we put pressure on them and show how much support is out there we can get reformation of the laws! Please tell everyone you know, regardless of what state you are in, to help sign and make this petition HUGE! THANK YOU ALL!
  2. Signed. Been waiting for a petition for PA legalization. I was the 2nd on there too :)

    Hope it gets a lot of signatures, cause PA is my state lol
  3. im sure you're gonna make a difference with a bullshit online petition.
    they aren't even gonna look at it

  4. At least I am trying.

  5. at least they get a sense of who's not voting for them in 2012. ;)

  6. it's sad how in PA the citizens are surrounded by lame dick repulicans or it would have been through by now. there is currently a bill sitting in public health right now because they are too chicken shit to pass it and fear loosing bailout funds from the feds. PA has some big changes coming in 2012.

  7. Hopefully, for the better. Can you please sign my petition? All the support we get can help when we get enough people. Everytime someone signs, the Governor, senators, and representatives get emails saying that another person signed. Naturally with enough emails they will see it is a big issue and we are PRO medical. Please tell your friends!
  8. honestly i'm too paranoid to put my real name on anything to do with marijuana
  9. Bump.

    This isn't even my thread and I want it bumped, cause I live in pa
  10. sign it for me

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