sign of male/female?

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  1. ok so my plant has little spikes on the very bottom of the stem. does this mean male/female or does that mean theres not enough soil cause ive though of that too, it seems like i may need more. this is my first plant and its maybe a little more than a month old and looking great and healthy.
  2. That doesn't sound like any sign of sex. Post pics and/or check out the sticky thread on sexing.
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    I know what you speak of friend.

    They aren't were the new leafs are forming but like to the side of them right?

    Honestly I don't know myself cause after 3 weeks all my plants have been forming these but when put under 12/12....5/5 plants had them and 2 came out with balls and the other 3 "spikes" where long and stringy like.

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