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  1. In case you havent read any of my previous posts, i am growing my plants in my back yard. I threw maybe 100 seeds into a crate with soil and just wanted to see what would grow. I never suspected the success i got and was very pleased. Unfortionatly, due to the fact that i wasn't expecting such success they grew and grew and their roots became inextricably tangled.

    Almost two weeks ago now we had four tornadoes tuch down in the yard. (it was a bad day for tornadoes). as you can imagine the plants were damaged severly. I knew that if i kept them in the crate, struggling for nutrients as they were, i would lose all of them. I also knew that if i seperated them i would lose many to the trauma of having their roots torn off due to how close together they were growing. I managed to seperate some of them and the rest are in very bad shape... ive given up hope for their survival.

    however, the ones that did survive are now almost 4 feet tall and they dont look to stop growing any time soon. I dont want 12' plants :p I wish i could have them though, yet due to noticeablitity i cant. I would like to start forcing these little fellows to flower. They are growing outside, is this possible? They ARE movable now, as they each have their own transportable wicker baskets which can be dug up if needed.

    Ive heard and read that a 12/12 scheduel will force flowering. is this what i need to do or is there another way? I could get some Bloom Booster plant food or something of the sort. Would giving them that cause it to have bigger and more delicious buds?

    PS. Ive also just germinated and planted a new crop so i can harvest them when im done enjoying my first set of beautiful plants.

    Just another newbie.
  2. if i were you i'd let mother nature do the job for you.......just top them......cut off the top of the plants, if you want to keep them down and before flowering expect them to double in size when they start to flower, but they are a long way off from that.............either that or bring them indoors and flower them, if you have an indoor light?......otherwise you'd have to take them out every day when the sun rises and take them in and place them in complete darkness for 12 hours........and this wouold have to be done for approx 8-12 weeks.....lol........Peace out........Sid
  3. HOLY HELL. When i started this i expected the full growth cycle to take about 3 months. Ignorance is bliss :p

    If i just left them out and let mother nature do her job how long do you think it would take?

  4. possibly anywhere from sept to nov....depends on the strain, and where you live, but it will flower by itself.......Peace out.......Sid

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