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  1. Well i live in Virginia (which is the gayest state in US period.) and they got some strict ass laws concerning poss of pot. so i got probation and i have a test coming up on sepbember 18th. I smoked about 2wice a week, 2-3 bowls per day until august 18th. i stopped smoking completely from august 18th to august 28th, during which i went to sauna and ran miles a day to get junx out of my system. on the 28th, my best friend had his birthday party so i smoked about .2gram wit him. i stopped smoking since and did sauna and workout everyday, and i even stopped smoking cigs to make sure my lungs would clean out faster. so basically i stoppe smoking 10 days, smoked .2 grams and stop smoking for another 20 days. would this be enough to pass the test? ( i know it isnt even september 18th yet but i have no plan of smoking pot at all). I weigh about 150 pounds and is 5 10. not fat at all and im asian (someone said we have fast metabolism or sumthin cuz we eat alot of rice)anyways any conjectures about my situation will help. thank you. PS weed is great when smoked in moderation and some people are fucken gay to illegalize it
  2. yeah you should be able to pass the test with flying colors :sidenote: i live in virginia and it is fucking gay
  3. With all the exercise you are talking about and how you dont have much fat in your body, then it does sound like you will pass your test :hello: , but i would still be careful! Keep running and going to the sauna and drink lots of cranberry juice (helps lower rate of thc in your system), and when you take your test, dont pee in the cup instantly, use the pee from midstream (halfway through your pee) to put in the cup, trust me! Good luck with the test man, I hope you pass! :wave:

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