-sigh- oh how i miss acid....

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  1. there is none at all in my area. so hard to get, not even shrooms :(. i was thinking about making some myself but i dont know if i would trust it enough.....

    i have been cursed by the NY suburbs
  2. I know how you feel man. I've been dying for a good shrooms or acid connect but can't find anybody at all.
  3. Making your own acid is complex shit... I think TOTSE had/has a how to (a real one that is) It's REALLY hard, you need to be like a chemistry major, with access to a full, well equipped lab...
  4. yea....im slightly contemplatin doin dxm again :-/
    aw then fuck it :-/
  5. If you don't have at least a 4-8 year degree in some form of chemistry, there is no way in hell you are going to be able to make anything close to pure/real acid.

    You're better off ordering spores and growing mushrooms or picking up some RC's.

  6. i feel you man it totally sucks.....my only good acid connect has been dry for months because the chemist his doses were coming from got arrested........and i havent been able to find good boomers in far too long....its crazy my acid connect has had 7 syringes of mushroom spores for like 2 months and hasnt started to grow them yet
  7. I've been jonsing for some acid and shrooms, but nobody ever has them. I'm around Tampa, and I've asked about them all the way out to St. Petersberg and haven't herd a thing. I've seen shrooms come around twice in the past year, and my regular guy had some once since I've known him.

    I want to grow shrooms so bad, but I don't know where to start.
  8. Not even $70 man, I have a friend who has only dropped $30, including $20 for spores, and grew some good shit.
  9. Yeah, if you have some glass jars and a rubbermaid tub laying around it would just cost you the spores and some money for perlite and brown rice flour.
  10. Pretty much all he paid for.
  11. I paid $15 for mushrooms spores(enough to grow a few ounces) and used the PfTek to grow a lot of shrooms. I plan to do it again sometime soon

  12. You near syracuse? Been alot flowing thorugh here.
  13. Hahaha

    just keep looking man that's pretty much your only option.
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    Tell me about it. I've only experienced an LSD trip once in my lifetime, though it was a very strong and profound experience that is forever burned into my memory.

    Me and about 5 of my friends had a half-day at school on this particular Friday. We'd been planning this trip-day all week, and were excitedly looking forward to the experience, as none of us had ever done LSD. We got out of class at 10am, and rushed back to my house (which we had to ourselves all day) to dose. About 45-60 minutes after we all dosed our two hits, the world began to take on some really strange properties; by the 2 hour mark, the peak just rocketed every one of us head first into the tripping stratosphere. I've never tripped that hard on anything since.

    I've always wanted to re-live that experience ever since it happened, but haven't been able to get ahold of some decent acid. Oh well, one day...
  15. well im glad (or not so much) that im not the only one. i have always hated chemistry, but now i guess i might have something to look forward to doing once i understand it :rolleyes:

    how much of a hassle was it? i thought about growing some but have never grew anything in my life, and would really be pissed if i fucked up the grow which i think will end up happening for some reason

    nah im not upstate.....im in the suburbs outside of the city
  16. My dealer told me you could make acid in your bathtub.

    I just smile and nodded, and lol when i got out of there.

    Lurk online, theres people in BC that will mail it to you for a fee.
  17. nah man im not messin with that shit....def dont wanna go to prison..thanks though
  18. It's not exactly a hobby, or anything you can just pick up for that matter.
  19. I find that it's quite the contrary Foop.

    Pick up some old text books and hit your book store, and before you know it you got some useful skills ;)

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