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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by zongRippa, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Just didnt kno where to post for a signature request.

    Im no photoshop guru and was wondering if someone could whip me op something for my signature on the forums here.


    1. Text - ZongRippa (lower right or left of sig)
    2. Font - Watever looks good. Cociane if availible
    3. Colors - Preferably Black background white or sliver trim.
    4. Style - Average signature you would see on forums. Long rectangle shape. Nothing huge n bulky
    5. Border - silver or white
    6. Animation - Picture of a zong / any zong really.
    7. Dislikes - nothing. will be satisfied with anything.
      ive had ppl make 3 sigs in the past at once to choose from
      normal finished product / negative product / black n white or gold
      Just a thought..

      To anyone who does decide if they will help a brotha out here. could you post up and let me kno you are working on it so i dont find someone else and have them waste valuable time. You kno stoners hate wastin time haha...

      Thanks all.
      (Ps. Mods if you get mad for me posting this here / plz redirect me)

  2. there are a few ppl with threads in other subforums thatll make sigs. try searching for like "sigs" "sig shop" stuff like that im sure theyll pop up
  3. i tried searchin before i put this up, thats why i figured pandoras box was the place to go. One of the most popular sections i figured someone here mite be able to whip somethin up real quik on photoshop.

    i met a lot of ppl in past forums for online gaming n shit that loved doing them.

    But you see anything i missed man ill move this.
  4. no big deal man. maybe someone in the box will wanna make one
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    Here ya go i threw this together also I can do wayyy better but it takes me a while & I dont do that for free sorry..... This one that says Savage is a sig i threw together for myself on another board ChittyBang is also my music name (rap/hiphop)

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  6. Thanks man, ill use that for now i apprecaite it.

    But if anyone else wants to make me a better one feel free. ill gladly take it.. =)
  7. C'mon, if your gonna make someone a sig, make it fit within the rules so they dont get an infraction...
  8. what you mean thats not that big whats it have to be a certain size
  9. If you read the rules.....

    Especially for someone with the rules in their sig.
  10. I have read the rules & I follow them, but I didnt remember the exact size & dude can open it up & re-size it... Get off my nuts dude, I would'nt even of wasted my time if i knew you was going to act like its a big fucking deal.... I did dude a favor the least he can do is re size it... Or since its your concern do it for him
  11. Could u whip me up one the same size as urs man? Just throw a pic of a zong in it and make it black lol im not picky.

    i would really appreciate it if you would bro.
  12. dude its not that big a thing. yes sig rules are still "rules", but sigs arent as censored as what can and cannot be said in the box. besides, zong didnt use it. so no rules where broken. 50/100 made what could be used as a sig, not what is used as a sig

    i know im somewhat hypocritical for the rules bit as ive been policing the box quite a bit lately. but nothings happened here, aint no place to be raggin

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