Sid's organic soild grow(Medi Bud, Mazar, Ice, Juicy Fruit, Unknown)

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    OK, ladies and gentlemen. I am starting a new grow journal here, and I have done a few grows both indoor and out in my day, but I learn something new from each and every grow, so why not do another!! I will continue this journal all the way through the plants life cycle, and am very excited!!!!:D I can't wait to see what happens here.
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    Medi Bud Fem, Mazar, Ice, (
    Juicy Fruit (seeds via friend)
    Unknown (bonus via

    3-600 watt digital hps (flowering tents)
    1-8 bulb tek light (mother plants)
    1-600 watt digital mh (veg)
    2-6 inch inline fans
    1-6 inch carbon filter
    1-digital co2 ppm monitor with 20lb tank and regulator
    automatic pump driven drip watering system

    This is my attempt at a grow journal which I am focusing on helping others to learn and understand growing cannabis, which in my opinion is a fantastic hobby, and an art. Any and all questions about anything related will be answered to the best of my knowledge. I am also counting on others to keep this one updated and fresh. Feel Free to say whatever you want.:)
  3. All strains are being started form seed. Seeds were germinated using the paper towel method, once tap root was at least 1/4 inch long they were tansplanted into ocean forest potting soil. The sprouts have just come up and are only three days old. Watered with plain water, ph balanced and aged to dechlorinate. Plants will be grown until old enough to take a few clones safely and then flowered to find the most ideal pheno types from each strain. Complete Line of Humboldt organic nutrients, addatives, carbohydrates, biological Innoculants, and root stimulants. Not too many people out there using this product yet. Should be informative.

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  4. ok, we are now at one week old. They are all really starting to get growing now, second true leaves are all emerging. Still just giving plain water. will start with 25% addatives next week, will wait on the nutes until week 2. All is going well though. a few pics. I know it isn't very exciting at this point but everyone must go though this if you are starting from seed. Just part of the process. we'll get there:)

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  5. Looking good! Good Luck on your grow I will be along for the ride :)

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