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Sidious, Oh, Sidious...I needeth help!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RMJL, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. Hey dude...what does light poisoning look like and how do you get rid of those little flying bugs that look a little like those things that fly around fruit.

    I left my lights on 24/7 for too long...uh, way too long, I think. I have cut down and am giving them a break from light...18/6 now.

    It's still growing but it doesn't look happy and I'm not flowering until it's happy again. I have leaves that look like they need to be ironed or something and some yellowing around edges.
  2. damn i nearly missed this a pic would be helpfull, but as i don't have one we'll have to use overgrow to get you to point out what it looks like.......why do you think that it's light poisoning?...unlikely, allthough it can be done, i don't think you'd have that kind of light available unless you're connected to the national the ones that look as if they need ironed, are they green or yellow?....the ones that are yellow around the edges are probably burned.....either by overfert, or distance from the light source......if the problem is only on the top leaves then it is most probably the latter.....however if it on the lower leaves and mid/top then it will be the fert......stay with the 18/6 lighting and flush the medium with clean water....approx 2 times the amount of the pot......i.e. a 3 gallon pot with nearly 6 gallon of water.........go here and tell me what it looks like....

    1/ how old is the plant and what size?
    2/ what size of pot?
    3/ what fert n-p-k? and how much are you using?
    4/ what's the ph of the soil?
    5/ how much do you water her with?
    6/ what size of light, and distance to the plant?
    7/ does the plant have good air circulation
    8/ what is the temperture? the room and at the top of the plants?

    ps as for the flies, i have no idea as i'm in Scotland and we have only votoloco or unoit or one of your fellow American growers can help you out there.....most likely a spray you can get........hope that helps you......Peace out.....Sid
  3. If your using HPS, possibly its not the 24/7 thing, its the distance.

    Make sure you have the light far away enough so that if you put ur hand next to ur plant, it doesnt feel HOT.
    warm is ok, not HOT.
    If ur using fluoros, u can be much closer.

    give rest of info sid asked for, and if hes offline i'll cover it for em.
  4. As Stylez said for fluros you can keep your plants much closer a good distance with them is 2 in. from your source raise it as the plants grow closer of course. I highly doubt this is burn if you using fluros seeing it's HARD to burn them with fluros seeing they for one generate nearly no heat... HPS on the other hand which is often a great light for your flowering period ( I myself veg. @ 18/6 with fluros and then chaneg to HPS for flowering at full... ) will burn your plants if close at all like Stylez said again warm is good but keep your hand at the distance your plant is for a minute and see how much of that heat concentrates as a moment under the light is far different than 18 hours under that light. So tha should rule out our poisening or burning... Fruit flies now Im at a loss here because if your growing inside, I don't know where these bugs are coming from unless you used a soil with their larve? But, seeing your plants as Im assuming under light are inside you have good control over their environment and what gets to them so just watch under the leaves for small spots anywhwere that seem ABNORMAL... Ill find some pics and post so you can see what they look like these would mites and if you have mites you have a big problem cause you'll be fighting them until the end of your plants life probably... hopefully this'll help a little...
  5. Thanks for responding guys, I appreciate it!!!!:)

    "Figure 4 is definitely an over-fert problem. The high level of nutrients accumulates in the leaves and causes them to dry out and burn up as shown here. You must flush with clear, clean water immediately to allow the roots to recover, and prevent further damage."

    They don't look quite that bad but I think that I have over fertilized according to this pic in figure 4 of that page you posted.

    My plant is 20" tall and 20" wide.

    It's in a good sized pot . The pot is huge...didn't measure it, though, just the plant.

    It's 12 weeks old.

    I'm using Peters 20-20-20. I use what the package says to use...1 teaspoon per gallon.

    Ph of the soil is unknown...the only thing I have to test Ph with is the set I use for my fish tank...LOL! I you real growers, that's not so funny.

    Water...I just wet it down real good until the water pours out from the bottom in a steady stream.

    I'm using fluros for now until I start to flower and I'm switching to HPS. I do also have a fluro that is vertical and I move the plant around to keep growth even. I did notice though that the leaves nearest the vertical light are a bit more dry so I moved it back. The top of the plant is probably 6 inches from the top light and my very top fan leaves are yellow around the edges. I did have it closer when it was younger but I pulled my light up.

    I have great air circulation.

    The temp isn't as high as it should be, I'm sure...but not sure what it is exactly. My temp thing fell when I put my plant back in after I watered it the last time so I'm having to check it again.

    I only saw one or two of those little fly things and I killed them.

    My plant is in a screened in tank. They make screened aquariums(no glass, just screen) now for reptiles so that's what I'm using for my plant and this one is 48" tall, 30" wide, and about 20" deep from front to back...I have it standing up at 48" tall. So, really, that keeps bugs out for the most part. I just didn't know if maybe these little fly things I saw had a family living in the soil but like I said I only saw a few. My soil was fresh and good soil so it should have been fine. It's smart or super soil...not sure which since my bag is empty and long gone.

    So....what do you think?
  6. Well I think you sound pretty well off... and set... So just keep an eye for those fly things you talked baout and just SmAcK em.... Great Yields, Come from Great Fields!
  7. the flush with the clean water should sort it'll probably get away with thois one, but if in the future you want to grow more then, get a ph tester....the rod type......and a thermo.....more handy for the if i were you and you have the HPS allready i would have just done the whole process under the HPS........Peace out.....Sid
  8. Well, I didn't have the HPS setup until after I started veging. I got it from this friend of mine and not until recently. I will get a Ph tester, Sidious. I promise!!!! Thanks for helping me! :)
  9. your welcome!.......anything else just gimme a haller.....even though i'm about 2000 miles away...i'll still hear ya....Peace out....Sid
  10. Hey guys!!! My plant looks so much better already! I just wanted to say!!!:)
  11. your welcome that's what were here out.....Sid

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