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Sides of jars and bags

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Carvegrindair, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I'm sure you guys have always noticed the the red hairs/kief and shake that sticks to the inside of your bag or jar. My question is if you kept moving your bud from jar to jar would you loose weight from all that stuff sticking to the sides? Just a random Stoney thought, thank guys!
  2. You would lose some weight, but not enough to really notice. Anyway, if you keep your cannabis in glass, you can take some high proof vodka and reclaim those trichs and hairs. Then, all you have to do is decide whether to have it an alcoholic drink, or to evaporate it down to add to some very dry weed to jazz it up! :smoking:
    You can do the same with isopropyl, yea? Then just allow it to evaporate and smoke up? 
    Anyhow, like Granny said, the amount you would lose is so negligible you would never even notice.  
  4. I personally prefer to use Everclear, but it isn't really that different than using iso to make iso hash!  Just evaporate it well!
  5. i use a small paint brush and clean all the kief and hairs from my jars over a mirror so its easy to scrape up.
  6. Unless you have a .01 g increment scale you'd have a hard time being able to measure any weight loss but yeah it is a minute amount of good stuff :(

    I use those little black plastic knives that come with to go salads at McDonalds to scrape stuff. You can see the accumulation against the black so you know if you got it all off the tool and the goods don't seem to stick to the plastic at all. I have a ton of em on my coffee table for serving out kief lol
  7. My friend apparently stole something from his high school that is designed to pick up small particles (I think it's like a chemistry tool or something) that he can just push around the bottom of a jar and every single bit of kief down there will be picked up, then a push of a button and it all falls into a nice pile

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