sides (aka love hadles)

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  1. how you get rid of them? :confused:
  2. Run. Run like you've never ran before forest.
  3. Diet and exercise... that's pretty much it.
  4. the same way you get rid of any fat: eat fewer calories than you expend. exercise often. it's that simple

  5. right idea.....^^^^^^;):smoke:

    fat is only burned in the muscle cells.....

    more muscle....burns more fat.....:eek:

    shity diet .....defeats bonuses of exercise.....
  6. oh cool thnks :hello:

    ive tyed every hard workouts and never worked
  7. no such thing as spot reduction..... gotta lose the fat all over to get of them lovely love handles

  8. There is if you have a shop vac and some razor blades:D
  9. Diet, get that shit perfected. And that dirty little word I hate - cardio.
  10. for some reason i'm going to assume you're a women LOL =P

    muscle burns fat so do around 15-20 reps of a low weight so you'll gain muscle density/endurance rather then bulking

    SHORT intense cardios

    they're better than doing a long term cardio
  11. Muscle does NOT burn fat.. please stop spreading that information around. Muscle just takes more energy to maintain, so your body's RMR will be slightly higher than without that muscle, its quite negligible unless you have a pretty damn high amount of muscle on you.

  12. 15-20 reps with a low weight does NOT help build muscle density. Endurance, maybe, but there's way better ways to do that. 15-20 rep sets are nearly useless for most applications, especially this one.

    Very low reps (under 6) with heavy weight are the best way to build muscle density. They will stimulate myofibrillar hypertrophy rather than sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. They will also help train the body to activate a higher percentage of muscle (the average person uses barely 25% of their full strength!).
    And same thing the other guy said- muscle doesn't directly burn fat it just takes more energy to maintain.

  13. You are the only other person here i've seen that actually knows a thing or two about bodybuilding and strength training in general.. we should start a Q&A thread or something brah.

  14. Thank you sir. Give other people credit though, there's some guys that know their shit: KillerKush, Olesmokey, Baraccus, and carrythezer0 are a few that come to mind. I wouldn't mind that at all... basically every thread that I post on becomes a Q&A thread, so it would be good to get it consolidated into one.
  15. Those guys rock, just listen to them and do what they say. But woman to woman, side hip raises really helped me. If nothing else, it will firm up your sides so they seem less jiggley.

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