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  1. Well my grow space is in a attic and I was wondering that rather than having to build a grow cab that Why couldnt I take some wooden boards and just tape them with foil or mylar and then stand them in a shape of a box and hang the light from the ceiling of the attic into the area, the side pieces wouldnt be connected to each other but the would be in a shape of a box and maybe hold them together with some tape, so it would create the effect of a box.

    But then I have a problem with ventilation because my attic is kind of small and I cant ventilate outside my house or to any room directly, just away from the light into another part of the attic. Stealth is a concern.

    Will that be enough, my cab will not be air tight and I will not have to worry about light since its in a attic and there are no windows or leakages of light anywhere.

    Im using a 280 Watt HPS son Argo

    Will having walls not conectted or nailed together have an impact on odor? Since air can move in and out of the area as it pleases then a carbon filter will do no goo or will it?

    I mean I can place it right above the lamp so the air moves upward and to leave the area it has to move upward and then have a carbon filter attaced to it.
  2. what would be cheaper and much better reflecting would be Styrofoam board, alot lighter as well.
  3. Depending where you are geographically, heat could be a real problem. At first attics seem like such a great place -- often good space, out of the way, no one goes in there, etc. I started in my attic and gave it up, the heat was just too much. My experience was that on a sunny day the attic would be about 10 degrees warmer than the outside temp and in the box with the light on would be about 10-15 degrees warmer than the attic. So, a high of 80 outside meant 105 in the box. If you insist on growing in the attic you may need to wrap the grow box in insulation and will need to pump in lots of cool air.

    I don't think the fact that the side walls aren't screwed together will have much impact on odor.

    It also sounds like you don't plan to have any ventilation or fans for your grow area, and you definitely need that.
  4. you could get a box unit AC from a thrift store or something.
  5. Could I reduce my heat by using a 150 watt with CFL light instead of buying a larger light that makes alot of heat.

    I am probably going to make a box, I figure it would make things easier for me.

    IS gel a good solution to hide white widow plant odor.

    I cant vent the air anywhere out of the attic I have to keep it there, but I can build a box that can get the air out of the box and into the rest of the attic will that be good enough, like maybe three or four pc fans pumping th air into the rest of the attic.

    What is a ac box?
  6. Cocoa is referring to an air conditioner. That could also be problematic and even if it works will drive your electricity costs way up. U

    sing a smaller light will not "reduce" the heat, it will add less heat. Remember, if you have an attic with ambient temps of 90-100 and in there enclose a space with a hot light in it, temps inside will only be going higher.

    Venting to the outside is not so much a problem as bringing in fresh, cool air.

    Can't say about gel vs. carbon vs. other odor method. There's no way we can tell you from here what will work when it comes to odor. For both odor and heat you may want to consider installing an attic vent fan, which involves cutting a hole in the roof but will reduce heat throughout the attic and if nothing else will save on your power bill in the summer.
  7. You definatly need fresh air comming in. Without that your just asking for problems, Mold for one.
  8. Will I need fresh air definetly? Or can I just scrub the air and recycle that.
  9. you want fresh air for the balance of CO2, Nitrogen, and O2 in it.
  10. Your in the attic, last i checked every US home had Central Airconditioning, get yourself a short length of 4 inch flex duct and tap into one of the distribution boxes in the attic, at the distribution box where your tapping in put a volumizer (adjusts the amount of air you want via a lever).

    The 4 inch should tap to the bottom at the plants and have a hole at the top of the area to let out the hot air...

    The airco is recycling the indoor air which contains enough co2 from people breathing, doors/windows opening while providing the correct temperature.. simply adjust the duct to keep the temperature where you want it..

    Naturally this all goes out the door if you shut off the A/C while your not at home during the day....

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