Side Lighting ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NCDROGRO, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. My question is side lighting necessary during veg growth or is it more important during flowering? If I can't do side lighting during veg because the way my lights are setup will it be a problem? But can during flowering will it help or is it important for both stages, I hope this makes sense lol, thanks!
  2. Side lighting is helpful but not absolutely necessary. Mylar on the walls or flat white paint are the next best things, but if you have the lights available, use them also.
  3. Thanks brotha, I got emergency blankets covering the walls I'll try adding some side lighting when I can though just wanted to make sure it wasn't absolutely necessary. :)
  4. If I had to choose between adding side lighting for veg or flower, I would choose flower. It is more beneficial to have light on bud sites than on leaves.
    • hi there i things i call doctors they are 110v 28w red and blue bulbs. They are small and dont burn things and can be placed anywhere. As they are energy saving little fuckers they have there own ballast on each buld(groovy). If you have a part that needs a little boost it works a treat. Dark corners, inside your cannapy, on the floor or inbetween plants. It dont cost much jungle juice as they are only 28watters. {blue veg,red flowwer} ebay will have some.
  5. Thanks for the reply bro that's what I thought but wasn't 100% sure. :)

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