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  1. So, I'm thinking about side lighting my grow. But I'm not sure if I should use cfls, LED strips, (which seem the most cost efficient) or single t5's. I was looking at these right here, and thought about plastering them all over the room around the base of the plants. (says that it's 3000k) I'm sure any side lighting would help, but want to see if anyone has done anything like this with their grows. What do ya'll think. Thank you.

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  2. Or thought about hanging about 8 of these between the plants, but I don't have any experience with leds, nor cob lights.

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  3. Okay for some reason it's not attaching via the mobile app. Hopefully it works this way.


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  4. forget the side lighting, plants only absorb light on the tops of the leaves so a lot of light will be wasted if you place a light beside your plant, it will help a little but not much. Don't waste time on cfl's either go with t5 or a proper led light and place it above your plant. Remove the lower branches that don't receive much light so the plant will put it energy into the growth at the top of the plant closest to your light. Lollipop the branches too
  5. In theory will removing lower growth cause the upper growth to take on the weight lost from removing the lower growth on the branches.

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  6. yes
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  7. cfl, t5, 3w leds don't throw the light very far, even a HID like a HPS would still only need the canopy to be two feet deep, any more and the light can not penetrate well and the lower branches will produce tiny, hard to trim, leafy buds.
  8. What kind of light are you using now?
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  9. Thank you. The apps loading funny. I'll check on the computer today.

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  10. My goal is to turn that lower growth into heftier nugs. The way I see it. If I can turn 10 or 20 half gram nugs into 1 gram nugs. Then it was worth the investment. My fear is heat too close to plants. (thus the led questions) but sadly no experience with leds....yet. I'm aware of lst, supercroping, fim, mainline and all that too....just curiosity I guess.

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  11. for my mainline grow im doing now im doing side lighting. its working out pretty well im using an led panel and heat hasnt been an issue.

    i also have a 400w hps light. i havent tried it sideways but id assume heat extraction may be easier with the light vertical. in my case my light has basic wing reflectors and i think it may trap some heat around the bulb creating a hotspot. hung vertically the heat could freely move upward.

    i believe the key is to keep the plants thin. so you can get maximum coverage the closest to the light. you could say you want a nice side profile? anyway...

    this is the reason i decided to try mainlining. cause i could have several colas sticking straight up. VS having one cola with branches sticking out.

    you can check out the grow. a link is my sig. :)
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  12. your grow looks nice. Personally I just trim all the small weak unlit branches. Gives more to the rest of the plant. But lemme know how it works if you go with it.
  13. As I expand to 10 in flower I'm gonna put supplemental cob leds between the plants. Will loli a few then use the cobs on the rest

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  14. Thank you. All from bag seed [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    This one I made the top cola form lower and spiral partially around the stalk (hard to tell with the foliage though)

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