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Side effects to smoking everyday?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2k8bomb, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Are there any side effects (besides short term memory loss) to smoking weed everyday? I've been smoking about 0.5 - 1 gram everyday for a year now. I know this isn't that much compared to others but yeah.

    I also haven't really been experiencing short term memory loss :) Seems to be fine...
  2. There's side effects but it all really has to do with the mindset, not the THC. As a daily nighttime smoker, I find when I don't smoke at night I have trouble falling asleep, but that fixes after a few days.
  3. Nothing really... You may see an increase in laziness or be short of breathe more often. It made skateboarding a bit more of an exercise... nothing wrong with that.
  4. It makes me feel burnt out after a while.
  5. Raping small villages, it happens.:cool:
  6. The day I got my mmj card I started smoking pretty much everyday. It really is the best medicine. I guess lazy would be a side effect. I started a project and never finished it. Also, I'm not one of those who smoke and carry on a regular day. I enjoy my high.
  7. I smoke about 5 joints a day and yeah there is some side affects.

    1. Tolerance. It goes way up and my highs last about half as long as they used to. I also don't feel the weed until like hit 3 at least, were as before I would take one drag and it was lift off.

    2. Wake and bake. It almost becomes a must, at least if you wanna eat anything before dinner. It's like getting up on the wrong side of the bed if I don't have a good joint and a glass of water in the morning.
    3. A couple times a day I hack up some phlegm but it's no big deal to me. I run all the time and I never feel like weed is taking away from my lung capacity or anything like that.
    4. Smoking with people who don't smoke as much as you becomes, well challenging. I would match my friend on a blunt or a bowl and after it was burned up i would start Rollin up another right away and my friend would look at me blazed as fuck like "another? I'm still dying from that last one
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  8. I hope this doesn't happen to me or I am going to really get to know public transit.
  9. If you spend a significant part of your time medicated for a long enough period of time you're probably going to think about the implications of it a fair amount and as a result most frequent users have ideas about the subject of their own use that evolve over time.

    For myself, I find that vaping daily relieves stress and helps to ensure a satisfying sleep. But I do spend a lot of time sitting at the vaporizer and occasionally blow things off to spend more time and weed. It's a troubling thought but I was a lot worse off when I had a videogame addiction.
  10. Well considering I'm high 24/7... yes. I can't even fucking do things anymore. :devious:

    Once the new year of school starts im cutting back ALOT.

  11. This is the worst. When you're only barely starting to feel something in a session and your partner says he's hallucinating, you have a night of babysitting on your hands.

    Still, I say tolerance is great (up to a certain point.) Being able to function effectively while high makes it that much more enjoyable, and that together with the fact that your highs won't last 4 hours means that it's a lot easier to fit sessions into short and scattered time slots.
  12. -Feeling sick while not high sometimes
    -Loss of appetite (sometimes)
    -Addiction (sometimes)
    -Tolerance can be a bitch
    -Cloudy mind (after a big weed binge lol)
    -Time feels like double (really sucks when) bored

    But a good thing about always being high is that you can avoid pain with your mind when your either high or not by focusing away from the injury.
  13. I'm glad that i'm not the only one this happens to.

    If i smoke regularly(multiple times a day), which i do normally aside from T-breaks, often i notice i lose my appetite when i don't smoke. Especially if i haven't smoked at all the whole day. I also noticed that i have trouble being productive until after my first toke of the way.

    People say weed is a de-motivator. Idk, for me it has always been the opposite, atleast if i use regularly.

    Weed can become a lifestyle, and that is not necessarily bad if you can "handle" it. What i mean by that is: being productive.
  14. I relate to a lot of the things you guys have posted. I really don't want weed to control my life. Definitely cutting back a lot when classes start.
  15. Higher tolerancy.
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    To everyone who continues to bring up laziness-

    Laziness is not a result of the plant, it is a result of the person. When you consume marijuana you also need to take on a bit of responsibility and learn some self control, and part of that is learning to continue to focus and do your work while still enjoying your high. Personally, I love doing work after toking. Marijuana just sort of makes everything more enjoyable, and it can make it easier to focus on certain tasks. Using marijuana in moderation is key, of course. But if you're being lazy it's not because of the herb, it's because of you.
  17. The side effect is you're feelin' good!
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    Public transit? Like buses and trains and shit? Haha mind me asking what that has to do with wake and bake haha? I ride the max train every day to work as well
  19. Well the lack of public transit... How would I get to work if I just blazed in the morning?
  20. I consider it a medicine, an anti-depressent and sleep aid at the very least..

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