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Side effect after eating

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Indica90046, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. i have never been into smoking i was happy to buy edibles when i got my med card but recently every time i eat this candy from a local place i get a really bad case of dry mouth and thirsty afterwards, or feel a fever coming although my body feels very relaxed and mellow which is good for my insomnia but my mind goes crazy similar to a shroom trip,but the dry mouth and the thirst make it harder to go to sleep too, that edible is made with a big dose of master kush could it be that i get this reaction from the the strain? its very potent and physically mellows me out its supposed to be good for sleep but the side effects are annoying, it takes hours for until i fall asleep despite being relaxed and mellow one reason i think might be is because master kush is a hybrid although indica dominant so maybe the unrestful thoughts come from the sativa part?
  2. yeah you should try an indica that puts you to sleep. it honestly just sounds like the reaction most people have the first few times they get stoned. try something a little less potent then kush maybe. it'll get less intense as time goes on.
  3. yeah theres no reason to be using master kush to make you fall asleep, what you're looking for is low thc , high cbd %... any real kush is going to give you a head high (the part you said felt like a mushroom trip)
  4. thanx yah i know the cbd and thc effects i thought of that too but the edible i get is supposed to be for getting relaxed and for night time when i did some research on master kush most people had the relaxing indica to and a few paranoia like i did and that edibles thc content was around 36%mg thc kinda high for a mellow trip

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