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  2. sorry for the pic being sideways, but thats the only way it let me post a pic... anways.. im in my 3rd week and 4th day of flowering using 10-60-10. the past 2 times i fed her i used 100% water because i thought maybe she was getting to much fert.. a lot of the bottom leaves have fallen off and are still.. even smaller ones on the inside. . and some of the leaves feel real dry.. as u go up the stalk u can notice the leaves are curling down, lookin a bit limp.. but the buds are growing GREAT... im not sure whats going on, thats why im asking.. i know its normal for leaves to turn yellow and fall off.. and its not the heat cause it stays at a cool 75dgz, give or take a few.. but maybe since i took a lot of those floro bulbs out and added the HPS.. who knows.. let me hear ur opinion.. thanks........SECneek
  3. i replied to another post that you posted the pic on.....hope it helps.....Peace out........S

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