Sickly plants, about 4 weeks in flower!

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  1. Alright I'm running 500+ watt CFL, Happy frog soil, Bio-bloom/ flowering nutrients, 4 weeks flower.

    Check these out and let me know what ya think! I'm thinking the brown wrinkled ones are from low PH of happy frog. Although, it's only the lower leaves that are affected with the brown and dryness. The tops of the plants look fine, with the exception of small leaves at the buds with yellow and brown tips.



    This one is kind of new to me, I'm unsure. Help?


    Also, is this normal with a bud or two's hairs turning orange already? It's one of only a few, but It's got me wondering.

  2. Looks like nute burn
  3. Well I skipped nutrients this time and they are looking worse.

    So I suppose under-fertilizing is a possibility? I'll up the dosage and see how that goes.
  4. Maby its a lock out flush 4to1 water 2 soil then add 1 tblsp blackstrap molasses per gal an let us no how they r gd luck
  5. Its time to increase the P ratio.
    And time to cut your nails lol :rolleyes:;).

  6. Ha, I play classical guitar, so I keep them long.

    How should I go about more p? I increased my notes to full strength this last watering but haven't been able to see them for a day or two.

    Oh, why molasses?

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  8. Actually molasses in flower isn't good. It increases the bacterial content of the soil at the wrong time, molasses in veg is fantastic as bacteria increases the uptake of Nitrogen. For flower one needs fungus in the soil to assist with delivering Phosphorous, and fungal colonies don't thrive on molasses, only the bacteria do. If you put molasses into soil in flowering plants, it increases the availability of Nitrogen from the soil, which you don't want at that end of a plants life.
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  11. Yes, it truly is !!!

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  12. I have that about molasses in flowern i will have 2 look in to ty 4 the info there is a really gd thread in advanced nutes called sweet goodness molasses r something like that gd readn tho
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