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Sickest volcano set up thing!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XJR20, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Okay I was on Belmount as anyone in chicago knows is the best headshop area. I was outside of the best headshop in that area (I think) there was this really fucking amazing thing. It was a volcano and it was attached to a bong. I dont know... has anyone herd seen or possibly own one of these things.? It was amazing I want one.
  2. are you talking about a vapor dome?
    that's kinda like a hookah though...
  3. go take a picture of it tomorrow or whenever and post it . if it is this nice get a price also.
  4. the vapor dome is sick. u went to secrets dude, lol. my friend purchased a volcano and a dome to go with it. it came with 2 hoses, the thing is ok. not work the money when i get ripped from smoking the bag alone. but it i a pretty cool idea....
  5. I guess it just looks like alot of hype. this one was not like a hookah, it went into the slide of the bong . but yeah i think it was called the vapor dome. I just got a dank nug i wonder if .25 will get me. anyway the bong was like 100 alone but im sure it can go with and it was just like a tube. and people of chicago do yuo like secrets? I'm blazed. but ill find a picture on the infernet. wait a second/. I would have loved to endorse grass city but i could not find it here.
  6. on the roor article for wikipedia is a picture of a vape hooked up to a roor
  7. ive taken the vapor bags and pushed the mouthpiece against the slide of a roor and hit it through that... but thats not much different than just sucking the bag

  8. a few headshops where i have been to, they actually sell roor hookahs. they r pricey as hell i bet....

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