Sickest stoner pet

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Herbal Epiphany, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Got two cats in the last month, glad I got em. Wicked stoner pets

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  2. Got a wiener dog and a cat. The dog is pretty old and chills anyways. The cat on the other hand, extremely active, and loves to come sit on my lap and sniff during a session. Loves it. The cat also "borrows" whatever greens she can get her thieving little paws on. Worked out pretty well one time we ran out, and found the kitty's stash. Enough there to last thru the dry spell we were in. 4 days worth, and we're heavy smokers.
  3. This is my little girl Blastoise. She is a 3 year old red eared slider turtle. If I blow a hit in her tank she'll climb out of the water and just just bust a chill on her rock. That is until her munchies kick in! 

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  4. Definitely a skunk. So when people ask what's that smell, just say my pet.

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  5. Racoooonn

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  6. Ayyy whippin wataaa

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  7. What up broseffé

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    Weird. I got a 10 month old black kitten today and came across this
  9. [​IMG]
     These guys are pretty damn entertaining.  They go absolutely ape-shit over microwaved broccoli.  
       They love a scrambled or hard-boiled egg, too.  Probably one of the easiest pets one could keep.  
      They live long lives too,  taking 3-5 years simply to mature, then living another few years, provided they arent killed by parasites or disease..  Unfortunately, they're the host for horsehair worms, which hijack their brains upon adulthood, forcing them to drown themselves in order to complete their life-cycle..
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    What is that??
  11. I have a Doberman named Bud. He's a pretty cool dog.
  12. My dog Sky is the sickest stoner pet.... Sorry guys picture proof. She just loves it.

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  13. My nephew has a bearded dragon, he can stare at me for hours, its amazing

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  14. Cats cuz you can throw them so cat nip and then everyone is on the same page!

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    Stoner hamster

  16. a squirrel believe it or not is fucking awesome... unfortunately you have to find them as babies,,, but if theres something wrong with a mothers baby she throws it out the nest and can be found on the ground more frequently than you'd think it would... another unfortunate issue is that momma kicked em out for a reason.. my last one had a siezure and died.. shoulda got him a tincture but didnt thik of it it lol.
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    My stoner Pom. Chill as fuck.

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  18. I have a turtle and its the wildest thing to watch stoned. Fish too. Aquariums man.
  19. A nice and fluffy dog will make my stoner life complete
  20. you'd love my dog then! haha.

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