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sickesssst hotbox session

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by In My Zone, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. so everyday this week im like "im not gonna wake and bake today" and end up making some poor excuse to do it anyways. but today i actually had a good excuse!

    it was snowing. i thought how sick would it be to smoke while its snowing because i havent been outside in the snow yet this year.

    so i go to my car, parked on a street right next to my college and my car is covered in snow. i get in and its like im in an igloo...with music too. it was awesome. i sat back and smoked a couple bowls while chilling to some wiz khalifa. people were walking by but they couldnt see me cuz of all the snow on the car.

    whos here high in the snow?
  2. id like that setting, seems nice. Where is it snowing at?
  3. right outside new york city. was suppose to rain all day but its been snowing since 6 am :confused:

    about to eat a pot brownie and then smoke another bowl in there :D
  4. Hell yeah hotboxing. It's funny to me when I visit my mom and do it in her car without telling her... Later she gets in like "It smells like pot in here" and I'm just :D

    I've never been in the snow :(
  5. ugh. sooo sick of snow :mad:

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