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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RollaJ, May 15, 2003.

  1. Ok. I don't get sick much, which is why I'm asking your advice on this.

    Last night, around 9pm, I got a headache, a bad one, so I went to lay down. Then I went to the bathroom and threw up.So, I was having the worst stomach pains of my life, so I went to the doctors office. I had a temputure of 103.2 and my blood pressure got so high I popped tiny blood vessels under my eyes. I hyper ventalated from the pain, and had a few spasms. I don't have any sicknesses, and im not allergic to anything. Anyways, I feel fine now, except for the fact that I have these tiny red lines across my face from the busted veins.

    Would it be ok if I smoke today? My friend has a dime of white rhino, and I'm gonna get to smoke for free.
  2. You should be fine. Toke up. Weed is good for you.
  3. yeah man, weed is the cure for all;)
  4. weed probably isnt good for ya while ur like that...raises ur blood pressure a bit...but I wouldnt think anythin would happen

    toke up :)
  5. from what i know of weed and from what you say, it sounds like weed would help pretty much all of those symptoms. shame u didnt toke whilst u were feeling the brunt of that illness.
  6. dont miss this opportunity to smoke some white rhino. carpe diem! seize the day! weed always helps to alleviate my symptoms. :)


  7. well its not good for you, but blazin today should be just fine.

    just a lil side note, just cause weed has medical benefits and helps people get through things like pain it dosent mean its good for you. This is a common error i see alot of younger people thinking, there is a difference between someone benfitting from smokin weed and it actually being good for your body. Same goes for most aspiran or prescription drugs, it helps you get over symptoms but its still not good for your body.
  8. I know that overall it has effects on your health because you are smoking things, but marijuana has many benefits and could be said to be good for you. I try to stay away from putting too many chemicals in my body (such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminaphen) and I haven't taken a perscription drug in years (haven't needed it) I just thinkg that pot isn't that bad for you when you don't chain smoke it.
  9. yikes... sounds like you got something pretty nasty. i hope ya feel alright... toke the rhino... might make ya feel a little better :D

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