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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Evening Blades!

    How's everyone holding up under the encroaching holiday madness?

    The full media blitz is running amok, everybody has a contest, and for some reason, poeple eat fruitcake!

    Ya gotta love it.

    People in retail, on a commission basis, are making their whole years salary this month.

    Kids are being spoiled and doing without all at the same time.

    It's was 70 degrees while I was driving to work this morn.

    And the virius' are breeding like no one's bizness!

    Had a little bout with the belly blows earlier this week.

    Now eldest daughter is knocked on her ass and is missing finals this week.

    Having a sick kid will make you old in a hurry.

    Spousal unit is finally over about 3 weeks worth of hack, blow, spit, cough, type thing.

    The ol' folks are still down with the fever, chills thing for the last month.

    And it's all because it 70 yesterday and it's gonna be down to 20 tonight. We had 5 inches of snow on the ground 3 weeks ago for chrissakes!

    Train of thought jumps the tracks here.


    Is everyone east of me OK?

    I'm talking Ark. Tenn. Ala. Lou. and Miss.

    Seen them thunderstorms that kicked the dog poop outta y'all last night fire up just east of my front porch. Man! I was kinda glad I was'nt looking at that coming from my west! Unusual around here to get lightining and x-mas lights at the same time. Unless your one of those people who leave your x-mas lights up all year.


    If I ain't here at that time I'd just like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY BLADES!

    I could be on my ass with the fever, I could be living near the toilet, I could be sneezing and having to check my drawers afterwards, so my holiday wish is now.....

    Good things.

    And nuthin but,

    Good things.

    To you and yours.

    Peace all.

    Much love,

    El smoko de Okie.

    P.S. I just love the fact that people all over the world know that I dropped my bat in the john while taking a dump.

    Communication is the key.

    G'night all.
  2. Hey Smokie.....Thunderstorms will be coming here very shortly. They have been talking about tornadoes and rough weather for tonight and tommorrow. Oh well time to shorten the stash again!

    The virius has been and hopefully gone. 16 year old was first. Then 11 year old. Samantha took it 4 hours later. I can deal with most anything but not my Samantha having a virus. I stayed home and took care of the city princess just like ya'll wanted me too.

    Anyway the ex had it kinda bad. I did NOT take care of her!

    All I've had was a fever for a couple hours. To damn mean to get the whole virus i guess.

    Good luck and happy holidays to you and yours my friend!!!!
  3. Merry Ho Ho, SmokinSanta...that's what I'm calling you at Christmas from now on! Like it or not, mister.

    Like Bud Head mentioned, we're supposed to get rain tomorrow. Oh, joy. Could I be more thrilled about it? Screw the rain...I wanna build a snowman and have a huge neighborhood snowball fight. I want to go sledding!!! I want to make snow angels and eat real snow cones and stick my tongue out and catch snowflakes on it. Screw the damn rain!!!!

    What's wrong with people? Every year, after Christmas, in January and February, all I want to do is go knock on peoples doors and tell them to take down their damn Christmas lights. It drives me crazy to see a Christmas wreath on a door in February. I mean, don't these people notice it and think "Hey, Christmas is over...I need to take my damn wreath down or someone's going to knock on my door and tell me to!" UGH!!! I hate it. Every last Christmas decoration I have is put up on December 31st.

    Does everyone eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day? I'm curious to see who all does! I do!
  4. Hogjowl and blackeyed peas! Every year. My dad has been doing it his whole life. I think way back then they fed it to the babies if they were old enough to eat real

    So yes count me in on the peas!

  5. HIGH All, *LOL* that's my door your knocking at Reform MaryJane Laws. Yes that's one of my biggest sins leaving those dam lights up All's been umm....7 years since I took them down (I can see you cringing now) *LOL*.

    Black-eyed peas can't say I've had them. What do you make with black-eyed peas? Eat just the pea's themselves?

    I sort of miss those T-storms. Used to watch them in Winterpeg and what a show you get. It's been a long time in between shows hear...maybe 3 in 20 years. Well All you Grasscity Blades and Bladies have a blast this X-mas.

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((Cyber Hugs To All))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  6. Glad to hear your feeling better Smokinokie. 70 degrees huh? That's pretty damn nice! It's been around 50 the last couple of days here in Indiana, but I ain't complaining.

    RMJL, yes I too eat the black eyed peas!! Good shit IMHO.

    And I too also hate the sight of them damn Christmas lights after Christmas. My damn neighbor puts on one hell of a Christmas light show, we're talking the whole damn yard is full! The electric company lives for this guy.....The only problem is that he leaves the damn things up until Feb. or March. What the hell is the point behind that?

    Here's wishing you and yours a happy holiday season blades and bladies.
  7. Hey Critter man, we love you too!!! Still laughing, I see. Sunburnt with a dead exhaust fan and the man still laughs! You are so awesome, Critter! Merry Christmas! ;)

    "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!!!! Take down your damn Christmas lights, Unoit!!!" LOL! That's funny! The black-eyed pea thing is a tradition for a lot of people. Everyone has to eat at least a spoonful of them on New Year's Day so that they may have good luck throughout the year. I don't do the hogjowl thing like Bud Head but he's a weirdo anyway!

    Hey Indiana, we need to take a road trip after Christmas and go door to door yelling at people for not taking their damn Christmas stuff down! That would be fun!
  8. HIGH All, *LOL* I'll take them down for you Reform MaryJane Laws and make All happy at the end of the Month. I didn't relize I was pissing so many people O.F.F.F. *LOL*.
  9. I am sorry everyone here is so sick.

    me and my flock are fit as a fidle *knock on wood three times*

    Must be the healthy, country hippie lifestyle and all the honegrown vegetables.
  10. i'm sorry to hear so many are getting sick. i'm superoverdosing on vitamine C to keep from having the same happen to me :D so far it's been working.

    merry christmas to all the blades and bladies... and for those who don't celebrate x-mas, have a wonderful holiday!!!

    i'd wish everyone a happy new year... but it's still too early. i'll do that when it's almost january, lol.
  11. Hogjowls huh?

    Are we so desperate a people that we need to find MORE things in a pig we can eat? I mean, jowls, intestines (chitterlings), all the muscle, skin (pork rinds), and feet? You know we still have animals called "cows" and "deer" on this planet. But has anyone here eaten cattlejowls or deer's feet?

    Just wondered.. :D lmao


  12. I can leave work in just a minute and head to a grocery store down the street. I can buy at the meat department, chicken feet, chicken necks, pig tails, pig feet, pig ears, hog jowls, lights (fatty pig lungs) and my all time favorite head cheese. Head cheese is a kind of bologna that is made up of different parts of the pig's head and face, ie brains, eyes, lips, nose, skin etc.

    It may be gross, but I hear the British eat the fish carp. I wouldn't touch one of those nasty bloody fish.

    But remember this is America, the land of the plenty. I don't see anything wrong or disgusting in eating everything possible from an animal that you raised and killed for food. Think about the millions of buffalo that were slaughtered just for the tongues and hides.

    BTW, I still think eating some of that stuff is gross.

  13. No offense intended. The above quote is really what I was getting at.


    Never heard of the lights thing..that's pretty gross...

    Ewww.. :p

    Do they really sell pig's tails as food??
  14. The only parts of a pig you can't eat are.......

    1 bones

    2 the squeal

    I don't eat all the other stuff either!
  15. I too have a place just up the road that you can get any part of any traditional eating animal. Except for lips and assholes.

    You can get them too.

    It's just that they call it bologna.


    Processed Lips and Assholes.

    As matter of fact, just about 300 yards down the road there's a freshly killed possum-on-the-half-shell.

    Texans call them armadillos.

    And they also call them lunch.

    (I figure Purtysmokingirl will be by soon to refute this statement.)

    Always gotta have da PEAS on New Years Day! They go good with hangovers!

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