sick sterling haze please help

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    This is a sterling haze strain about 8 weeks or more old. not sure what happened to it. everything was fine then in a week it turned to this and is moving to my other plants. if u need better pics i can get a higher resolution camera thanks for all the help guys and gals. i am using advanced nutrients grow micro and bloom 3 part with b-52, hydrozyme vodoo juice PH is 6.1 and ppms is 220 was feeding it about 600 then dropped once i noticed the problem occurring if u need any more info just ask. temp is 75-81 if i post anything in the wrong spot or something please let me know dont want to go screwing anybodys post up. just stating out on here. thxs

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  2. I am assuming this is indoor hydro. The death of the leaves looks natural. The temps you are running and PH seem pretty good. I would run a higher ppm, but I know that's what's advised on the AN website. I would check for gnats, but I doubt it's a problem.

    Some things that might help,
    1- Lights
    2- Air Circ
    3- Humid
    4- Soil Moisture

    The more info you can provide on this the better we can understand what's going on.
    IMO seems like the plant is struggling, so something must be array. Don't drastically change your feed schedule though, it could put the plant into shock and your problems will only increase. Try to make your changes incrementally.

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    thanks alot. im starting to think its my air i dont have a no intake or out for this side of my tent here is some pics of the room and more info. this is my veg area/mothers/cloning the drip tray system is my clones vegging to go next door to flowering to a dwc recirculating top drip 6 5 gallon buckets. and my mothers are kept in dirt and some in coir. i havent made no drastic changes to water or anything until today.i water the dirt nuts. one day then none next feeding. usally every other day on watering.

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  4. OK so it looks like you hum stat is 62, which is ok.
    Lighting seems alright, looks like you got a little air circ,
    Pots seem moist.
    Leaves on the right side of pic one seem a little droopy.
    Personally, I am a commercial grower, so I have never grown in a tent.
    Although, the premise is still the same.
    Lights ok, a little low, but ok
    Temp seems pretty good,
    Hum low to high is a huge fluctuation. but maintained at 62% it's alright
    Free of pests, it's a clean space, cramped, but clean.
    you are in week 8 on a 12/12 cycle I take it?

    I'd recommend the following,
    See if you can free up some space,
    Maintain your Hum, it's important
    Make sure you are feeding based on Soil, your feed sched should be in accordance to this, Rock Wool and Coco Coir are suited to the hydro grow recommended on AN
    let it dry out a bit, lets the roots stretch and then feed.
    You need to let it get new air, C02 would be beneficial as well. (You can get tablets for pretty cheap)
    But it's all about what you are able to do based on your space and the amount of money you have. Try the quick fixes, it should do the trick, but from the looks of it at this point, your yield will not be particularly strong.
    Although, nice work it's a great DIY job
  5. thanks very much man appreciate it. im going to make another room here soon that will help and these plants are still in veg on a 18/6 schedule on the other side of the tent is the 1000 watt flowering 12/12 they go from this room to the next. but anywayz thanks again and is there something i can do to rate u or something like that to give u good feeed back still trying to figure this shitz out lol
  6. Hey no worries,
    I could care less about a positive rating,
    Everyone needs help, I find that this is one of those things where a little help can go a long way.
    I'm assuming your tent on the other side is the same dimensions, you may want to do multiple toppings and focus on a grow technique in order to shorten your nodes.
  7. yup i have already started topping. its getting there like u said i need a technique been growing for about 2 yrs now and ive had some decent grows then when i think i got it down something else screws up lol guess growing justt like life lol but ill post some pics of the other side soon its bigger then my veg. and just to let u kno i have already changed up my ventilation ill post some pics up and let me kno what u think about these ideas lol. again thanks
  8. before anything let me just say i kno my plants are to small but i needed bud asap and didnt have time to veg but thats what my drip tray is for now lol. i cant seem to get my temp down in my flowering room what else could i do. suggestions and ideas would be great

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  9. Chilled water 65 deg f.
    An oscillating fan
    but 81 deg f is fine.
    in the summers I run my highs during bloom up to 86
    Don't blow hot air down, blow the air up
    out take at the top of the room.
    you need an intake on the other side of that fan. otherwise you are not evacuating hte heat being generated by the light.
    (and yeah it looks pretty funny, but hey that's the way it goes man.)
  10. Keep your air supplies separate, that's incredibly important
  11. this is a grand daddy purp starting to notice theses spots on it kinda look like the start of the sterling haze problem any one kno what this could be. growing in coco coir ph 6.0 temps and humid is good just changed up ventilation im starting to think its something to do with my water help lol asap dont want it to turn out like sterling advanced nutrients used 3 part grow micro bloom and b 52 vodoo juice hydro zyme ppms are at 250 is low but not sure what to give it now lol

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