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  1. sealed basement room.
    75 deg F
    54% humitidy
    1000W hps
    8 plants
    16 on (veggie) current
    10 to 8 on (flower)

    Here is the situation. I recently upgraded from closet to room, and from fluorescents to hps. In the closet days, I never had any problems aside from ventilation (apartments). Now, I have moved it to the room and there are new issues. So, any tips on room temp, humitidy, lighting time or any stats above would be greatly appreciated. The room is very well controlled, so any change is not an issue.

    so here are the issues

    A. On the top layer of my soil, there is a thin layer of yellow fungus. I was told that this was saprophytic soil fungus, and it would not hurt the plant, it just indicates unsterile potting medium or an overwatered plant, ease back on watering and scrape off the top layer of soil, and replace with new soil.

    Question: is this an accurate statement?

    B. Flys coming out of the soil. These are fungus gnats. They lay larva on decaying matter in soil. I have heard 100 stupid ways to kill them. (i.e. put lemon juce in the soil or salt water etc.)

    Question: What is the most affective method of controlling?

    C. Two of the plants were leftovers from a previous untended crop. Lights and watering system were set to flower, they were starts that went right into buding. One being 7" tall with buds, the other being 12". They were left unattended for over a month, when discovered they wer transported to a new location and placed into a veggi room with new seedlings. Seedlings took off and the 12" plant went back to veggi. How ever the 7" plant is still 7" and buding. it is fall over with the weight as its stalk is uber thin.

    Question: can a plant get stuck in flowering and can it be set back?

    anything will help

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