Sick shirt.

Discussion in 'General' started by porky326, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. That thing looks hideous.
    Thats my opinion anyway.
  2. if you get it you have to shave your head bald, get HST glasses and a cigarette holder, do some coke and/or acid and run around screaming about bat country.

    otherwise it's pointless.
  3. why don't you just take some acid and get some paint samples from home depot and take a white shirt and make your own?

    $64???? fuuuuuuuuck that.
  4. It's not for me, but if you have the cash to spend, and you like it than go for it.
  5. haha...i was thinkin the same thing
  6. lol im not gonna knock u for wearing it but wtf do u like about it
  7. Kind of looks like something Hunter Thompson would wear. If you like it go for it bro.
  8. its beat, but im not wearin it so do ur thing
  9. you should buy it, and then walk up to ladies and try this pickup line:

    You: "Ah man my dog puked on my shirt"
    Girl:"Aww. I will take off your shirt and have sex with you."
    You: "Totally worth the $64."

    Works every time.

    Honestly though I do like that shirt. I wouldn't look good in it but if you want it then get it. It is pretty sick though.
  10. may i ask how old u are and your about weight it could make a huge difference lol
  11. that shirt is mad scary
  12. I appreciate everyone's honesy but seriously some of you say more then what's one person was trying to assume that I was thinking that a 64$ shirt will get a girl to have sex with me lmao...If you think 64 dollars is alot for a shirt then you don't have to spend that much money on one, but don't bash people who do...I mean sometimes the glass pieces that are bought on here are crazy price wise...also when you spend money on tree's I don't say you spend that much money when it's going to be gone after you smoke it.(BTW to the one who asked im 18 6'0 and weight 173.)
  13. I said something about you but didn't read through properly sorry...:)
  14. It's okay.

    I love sex. $64 isn't a whole lot to pay for a shirt, and it's totally cheap compared to the fact you'll be getting laid. Probably.
  15. Don't think so but who know's.
  16. I think it's sweet but I'd only ever wear it if I was vacationing to the islands or something
  17. You don't think so to the sex is good part or that $64 is not a lot to pay?

    You will get laid, undoubtedly. Especially if the girl's on acid, it will enhance her trip.
  18. That's an awesome shirt.
    Gangsta gear looks like shit compared to psychedelic threads.
  19. am i the only person who is just taken to the sites home page?

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