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  1. Hey all, just started my second grow around 2 - 2 1/2 weeks ago. Been having some problems, i have 3 plants and they are growing at a very slow pace and seem to maybe either have calcium deficiency or nute burn?

    I have been using jugs of either distilled or drinking water from walmart. Is this alright? My tap has a very high PH. I've been correcting the PH of the jugs with Earth Juice Natural Up and Down.

    I feed them with about half strength of Fox Farm Grow Big and a bit of epsom salt as I thought they might have mag. deficiency. Ive also been misting them with a very weak solution with fox farm and the epsom. I also have flushed a few times with plain Ph corrected water.

    Since i can only grow in a small closet, heat and humidity might be a problem. I have a large fan and a small fan running with the door open, and try to mist a few times a day, but it still gets pretty dry. I also regret that i bought the cheapest potting soil from Lowes and it seems to be mostly made of wood chips and drys out very easily.

    On the weakest and smallest of the bunch has the first half of it's stem a healthy green color, but when it reaches where the first leaves it turns a dark purple. The leaves are also black all around the edges on this plant.

    Thanks all, any help would be appreciated.

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  2. your beating those seedlings over doing everything, they need no help from you other than good soil and a very small amount of water each week,for the first 3-4 weeks
    all bag soils contain ferts these days, more than seedlings need and your adding chemicals & ferts on top of that, & then flushing

    most of your issues is the lack of soil, transplant now to better soil , stop feeding for 3-4 weeks, all soils today contain ferts already
  3. maybe try to NOT spray directly on the plants. Spraying can wash away nitro taking another 24hrs for the plant to replenish
  4. nitrogen is what burns the seedlings ;)

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