sick seedlings that are dieing in a blink of an eye

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by growmorebudz, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. iv had my seedlings for about a week and a half at the begining they were going strong realy healthy looking but i noticed one was looking abit off couple days ago was abit yellow and drooped down i water them with ph water and give them a low dose of nutes once i only water when the soil is dryed doing every thing right but there dieing i checked on them a hour ago then i checked just now one had drooped so bad that it looked like it was gone with no point of return if theres any queses about wats wrong let me know i have a fresh light 250 watts hps dont know what im doing wrong :confused:  

  2. You may be experiencing the dreaded damping off, don't know, you provided no pix, just a guess on my part. If your using some type of medium that you have placed your sprouted seeds, it should be sterilized in the microwave, 10/12 minutes with lid on top for about a gallon, not tight, just sitting on top with your medium dampened so condensation will form on the sides and top. Will be very hot, let cool.
  3. its all good man thanks for the advise i found out today i had a bug eating my roots there for killing the plants there in recover now got some stuff that will kill them now have to feed them with some root nutes and dose them again with the stuff i got and should be fine i hope ! 
  4. Good to hear you worked it out. Good day.
  5. Whats wrong with it is it's an autoflower. Seriously though it was probably overfed or like mmman said it could be damping off. Either way you can't fix it if it's dead. Just plant some more, hopefully not autos. Grow weed like a man, kill the men that try to interfere with your ladies.

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