Sick Seedlings...Should I scrap and start over?

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  1. So these seedlings are 7 days old. Most of the leaves are curling down. Initially I watered soil when i dropped my popped seeds. They sprouted in 1 day it seems but the leaves never straightend out. I was watering with a spray bottle once a day for the 5 days. But once i noticed the leaves curling I stopped. I assume this is overwatering since i never let the soil dry before watering again. 
    They have stretched alot so I lowered my light to about 6 inches away. I have a 400watt MH. Temps are about 77.
    No nutes. Planted in FFOF with 30% perlite.
    Should I just scrap and start over?
    Any help would be appreciated...


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  2. Stop overwatering. They don't need water everyday, and water the soil not the plant.
    As for scraping them... keep them! I've seen way worse plants recover. Let them dry out and see what happens at least. :bongin:
  3. They shouldn't be in clear cups. Do you have any duct tape to wrap around the cups? Did you find that the extra perlite was needed because the soil was too dense?
  4. Those seedlings are not sick.  One has a bit of curl but so what?  They don't call it weed for nothin.
    Root LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE oxygen. Let your dirt dry out a bit before watering each time.  Not too dry though.
  5. Thanks bro will do. Was using the spray bottle to mist the top of the soil a little each day. But I will just let them dry out.
  6. I do have duct tape. Is there a difference between clear and unclear cups for the seedlings? Used the perlite just for extra drainage. In most of the reading Ive done on soil grow, most have used the perlite with good results.
  7. Yep Im gonna let it dry out a bit. See how it goes. Thanks
  8. Well, it is just that roots like darkness. The more they fill in the cup, the more likely they will get exposed to light, which isn't a good thing.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I will cover definitely cover them. 
  10. Easier then taping up the cups... just set them inside a colored cup. Ive seen the clear solo cup inside the red solo cup. Give both good drainage. Then you can keep the roots dark but you can also check root growth from time to time.

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