Sick seedlings Please help

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  1. What did I do wrong. I'm thinking they're over or under watered or to close to my 250 watt CFL I don't know for sure they started out great. After I removed humidity Dome they wilted on me In about 3 hours I caught it early and immediately raised my CFL thinking it was too close. They sprung back up somewhat. And I started out with tap water that set out with air stones in it 4 24 hours to remove the chlorine and replaced with distilled water after the wilt. What should I do now? The first picture is before the second pictures after. Screenshot_2016-04-17-11-22-52.png Screenshot_2016-04-17-11-24-30.png
  2. what are you going to do with them? they need to be in soil or hydro there's nothing in those cubes to keep them alive they should be in something yesterday, right after they sprouted. do something quick or they're toast.
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  3. Keep dome on, you want high rh %. I don't know how close you have lights. Also what water,ph and nutes are you using? Did you give any cal/mag?

    Put some on spray them, and sides of the dome, they will perk up.
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  4. Should I use only Cal Mag or Cal Mag in Flora Series 3 part. In what PPM should I not exceed please help ASAP
  5. I use 3 part and I use cal/mag. I also have ro water that strips from water. If your on tap you may be ok, but I recommend 5ml per gallon.

    Ppm really depends.. Don't ever go full strength, I don't aleast. Start 50% recommended. The grow(green) is very hot and so is the bloom so don't add a ton. The dark red micro I think is ok, but I still keep all at 50% move up to 75%,

    Also depends what stage you are doing it for.
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  6. Thank you very much here's what I did.

    The bucket on the left is tap water with a PPM of around 330 340 out the faucet I PH down to 5.7
    The bucket on the right is 4 gallons of distilled water with 5 milliliters each part of Flora series in 5 milliliters of Cal Mag which brought that PPM up to 256 & PH at exactly at 6.0
    The plant on the left was transplanted into the clay Pebbles yesterday and it still survived so I took the next strongest out of the dying seedlings and transplanted that today what the distilled water in nutes. I left the others in the humidity dome because I don't see any Tap Root if very little. I'm also germinating five more practice Bad Seeds straight from Rockwall to see the time the difference from paper towel method.
    Hopefully tomorrow I will know how the transplanted plant turns out.
    Thank you guys for the help.
    I will update tomorrow.

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  7. Any water you take from faucet you should really let set for 24 hours so it will become distilled. Looks good so far :)

    Your rh pretty low, I think if you can build a like dome around them get rh high they will grow faster for you.
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  8. I did I was running air stones in it for 3 Days. The PPM went down a little but not that much I could definitely tell the chlorine was gone.
    And thank you.
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  9. Okay I'm going to buy big glass bowls tomorrow.
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  10. Here's what I did I dropped the water level in my bucket low enough to where the rockwool will drain its water I think I had it saturated. I bought a spray bottle so I can feed them manually with Cal Mag water and also got two glass domes to bring the humidity up because you said they grow faster.

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  11. Cool should work. Just gotta keep wetting the sides to keep rh up, you look set. Also with folier feeds, don't use full strength. Maybe do 1 part normal and add 3 parts of water to the sprayer.
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  12. Will do thanks!
  13. Update
    Just flipped to flower how much can I expect to yield from a plant those size

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  14. You got some droopiness. You can get more if you can lst and open her up. Remove some of them big fan leaves to allow light to get through. I'm not 100% on your set up and it's a very hard question. She's going to get bigger. I am going to say 1-3oz atm.
  15. I did a super crop open it opened the middle very nice and now she is back to a bush I did not know that I could take off fan leaves I thought those were how the plants absorb light.
  16. And it usually stand straight up and started drooping 20 minutes after I removed it from the tent to clean it. In how many fan leaves in which ones do I remove
  17. Does this mean it's a girl?

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