sick seedlings need attn!

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  1. That link just goes to a picture. What is the problem?
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    What type of light is that?
  3. Seedlings look healthy to me - maybe try giving more information and NOT posting a single picture of healthy seedlings... duh... hahah
  4. my apologies - will update later today
  5. Hey green are you on another forum? Do you know what the hell happened there?
  6. no, im not on another forum. but, here is the correct link to the thred with the sick seedlings. you can gather more information there. in my opinion the seedlings are suffering from many nutrient deficiencies. they are now on the same nutrient regiment with different water. i went from using tap water to polad spring (ph 6.4)

    it helped the stems turn more green and the leaves recuperate. not entirly though. i believe that the light deficiency that caused them to stretch had something to do with the red and mushy stems. the fact that they have been seedlings for over a week now is probably delaying the rooting process also.
  7. just looks like theyre stretching for the weak light source to me

    get a better light.
  8. Yep stretching like crazy towards the light.
    Drop that tube on their heads......well allmost.
    Try 1 or .5 inch distance and see what happens.

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