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  1. Hey all,

    So, I have four girls at the moment. Three are mid-veg, and the last is a seedling started layer for transplant outdoors.

    Currently, the three in mid-veg are growing strong, with some minor leaf problems that I've posted about previously. Namely, yellow "streaks" and other marks. But they're only affecting 5-10% of the green matter at this point, and they're not spreading, so I'm not too concerned yet.

    What is concerning me is the seedling, my fourth.
    20190529_055533.jpg 20190529_055521.jpg

    She hasn't really grown at all for about seven days now, and her leaves are covered with these "splotches".

    All plants are in a 60/40 coco/perlite mix, in 5 gallon fabric pots (the seedling is actually in a 10, as it's intended for outdoor). They're fed daily to 20-50% runoff, with GH trio mixed around 400-500 PPM at 6.0 PH. The light is a 600w MH.

    What do I do? Remove the seedling, in case of a fungus? Should I start over with that one, while I still have plenty of time of summer left?
  2. Your seedling is likely growing down, not up, since it is in larger pot. Give it some more time to fill pot with roots before giving up on it.

    Add calmag to the regimen if you haven't already.
  3. Oh shit, I forgot to mention the CalMag. Adding about 2.5 mL per gallon to the nutrient water, after the GH Flora trio. Total ends up between 400 and 500 PPM. Added Epsom salts yesterday for the first time, which brought the solution to 800 PPM. Just got my submersible pump in the mail, so I'm gonna be doing a proper flush soon.
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