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  1. Indoor grow
    2 5x5 ACinfinity tents both using HLG r-spec 600w LED lights
    Both tents look horrible…I am using city water and it is not filtered…I did switch from 3 gallon sprayers to installing a spigot in grow room and using a hose with a spraying wand and my plants starting looking terrible as soon as I switched from sprayers to hose directly (sprayers were being filled from a different sink with a water filter installed but PH was tested same for water with filter and without)
    1st tent is in flower (mixed strains grown in 5 and 7 gallon smart pots)
    2nd tent is in veg (2 different strains only and all plants are in 3 gallon smart pots)
    Wondering if I should try to salvage these or scrap and start over…any help is much appreciated…I’ve only done a few grows so far and all have turned out great except these so far.
    Oh I’m using coast of Maine organic growers mix soil with Mother Earth worm castings and amendments/nutrients are craft blend from
    I have a portable a/c running constantly in room to keep temps around 70 degrees and a dehumidifier running constantly to keep humidity under 60%
    Highest temps both tents get up to with lights on full blast is about 83 degrees…lowest temp when lights are off is about 65 degrees
    I run usual 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flower.
    Plants in 1st tent pics have been in flower since 10/9/2022
    Plants in 2nd tent pics have been in veg since late August/early September 2022
    I’m sure I’m causing the problems and the plants to be super stressed out, but I believe I understand enough about growing/plants to know exactly what is going wrong and how to rectify it…most of my plant stems are very purple and it’s not the strains so they are definitely stressed.
    I will post pics soon…all in dark right now.
  2. Sans pictures....Lots of variables and hard to determine root cause with just a post but my ignorant and uniformed guess is you might be watering too much.
  3. image.jpg image.jpg My guess is I possibly overwatered then underwatered and I’m trying to get back in a rhythm now but buds on this tent after being in flower for a month look very underdeveloped and sad…

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  4. That is from my tent in flower…the pics below are and attached to this message are from the tent in veg…lots of tiny flies…more than usual…I think these I may have just overwatered too much and possibly too much light too close to plants…but you can see how purple the leaves and stems are.


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  5. image.jpg Meanwhile my 3rd tent looks amazing lol…these were mothers that I cut in half after I got all the cuts I wanted and pushed them under a 2nd scrog net…similar conditions to other tents except this tent is 4 plants in 25 gallon smart pots so they could probably handle more water without affecting them.

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  6. ya, the fungus gnats would point me further along to overwatering as the issue.
  7. I’m thinking the same…I stopped watering both tents for about a week…I’m watering a lot less now and I turned down the lights in both tents to about half power for now…green seems to be coming back and purple starting to go away.
  8. maybe get some blumat carrots for the 25g?

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