Sick plants! yellowing of leaves

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  1. So today I went out and noticed they were getting all a yellow towards the bottom and getting worse 3 nodes and down (there's 6 female plants together) It's rained the past 2 days and I watered the day before that with nutes. I also noticed they're were some holes around the soil as if something was burrowed in there (the plants are in the ground) I check the ph of the soil and it was at about 7-6.7 and i added some saw dust to the soil. They're all in pre flowering out doors. I really need to kill whatever around it's roots and figure what the problem is. one of my bigger plants has a purple stem but it might be because of strain. the pictures are from 3 days ago and I'll post new ones soon

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  2. Same things happening with me... The yellowing of leaves
  3. it's gotten worse :( it might be nute lockout but I flushed it with about 3gallons of water today
  4. How are they looking after flush?
  5. no difference
  6. Ok. Are they getting worse?
  7. no I gave them some nuts yesterday. one has a reddish section on the stem and all the leaf steams are purple. I'll post pix in a couple hours

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