Sick plants ? Yellow leaves with brown

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  1. 8900F056-1F1D-4AA3-B0EB-BC144A5AA0CA.jpeg 4C5DC768-C960-48A2-81C5-8B36D86F8F21.jpeg They were switched to 12/12 three weeks ago they are 8 weeks now from seed , watering has been ok been watering until slight run off and then leaving for a couple of days until dry to the touch, they’re under 300 w cfl light and three under each light.
    Any advice would be great, maybe they need some nutrients I havnt added any.
    Thanks in advance

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  2. leaves are yellowing because plant/s in flower now and as used up the nitrogen thats in your planting mix ,,,use a bloom formula that has some nitrogen in it ,,,mac,,
  3. Those red veins and stems look like a potassium def to me.

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