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  1. hey guys my plants in the last day or 2 have become sick looking hope someone can help :)

    my room temp messured at the same lvl of the plants is 80.
    i'm running a DWC setup homemade using the suggested amount of nuts on the bottle of what i have and some superthrive, water temp is around 68.
    i do not yet have my ppm tester yet still awaiting the delivery of it, but i figured as my roots arnt sitting in the nut mix yet my ppm should remain fairly stable? and i'm only using a crap ph tester atm while others in the mail also, its giving a reading of about 5.7-6.0 or there abouts. not sure if i missed out anything but let me know if you have any questions.

    plant A is currently 11 days from seed, Plant B is 13 days from seed...
    plant A's leafs are all healthy looking (meaning no burnt/messed up spots or anything) but droopy apart from the bottom 2 first set of leafs.
    plant B's leafs look pefect apart from there cupping upwards and has been a slow grower so far.

    any help is appreciated thanks guys.

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  2. should i maybe just change the res to water for a bit or add a fresh mix of nuts in? could it maybe be cause of the superthrive, should i stop adding that? any suggestions anyone?
  3. Yes, only use Superthrive on healthy plants. Imo it's only really useful in flowering.

    Leaf cupping is most often caused by heat stress.

    What kind of fertilizer are you using?
  4. umm growrite i think its called its a part A and B type one from my local store
    and i only put the superthrive in it when they was healthy
  5. anyone else got some suggestions? its slowly dying and i cant seem to find the answers i need lol
  6. I would stop using nutes until they look better. Flush em with water, if anything gets worse or better you'll know it was the nutes, and you can adjust from there.
  7. ya thanks bro i was thinking of doing that anyways to allow me the few extra days i need for my ppm meter to turn up :)
  8. well ive added in my little fan to circulate air + cool down the place a bit more, and as i was doing that i noticed the leafs on the sick looking plant are standing up more than they was and i'm going to change the nuts out for water tonight and hope that fixs it :)
  9. well its been about 15 hours since i put plain water in my res and the sicker looking plant is looking much better, and well the cupping one is still cupping even the newer smaller leafs appear to be also but ive added in a little Oscillating fan and have it running when the lights are on... any idea how it could still be getting too hot or if this will correct it self in the near future?

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