Sick plants week 7 of flower :(

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  1. Alright guys my babies have been doing great since the last time ive been on untill tonight...i just checked on them and look at what ive found
    [​IMG]Uploaded with
    [​IMG]Uploaded with
    so i know your using a 400w hps light 2 plants in 5 gallon dwc water changed every week and replaced with distilled water and my nutes as follows-flora micro flora bloom liquid koolbloom magical sugar daddy and a hint of flouralicious plus. im in a 5'x5'x6' room with 3 8in fans and a 6in inline fan. I check my water daily to be sure ph is most always at 5.8 and my roots look great im not sure what it could be so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. and might i add it seems to be getting worse
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    looks like heat stress. check ur temps. could be burning them. what's ur ppm and is it fluctuating?
    recommend a flush with just ph'd water for a couple days. could be buildup.
    edit: im having trouble, could be a few things. check ph again. resembles MN def. shoot for ph of 5.6 and let it rise naturally. I start my res at 5.5 and let it rise to 5.8-5.9 before topping off and bringing it back down to 5.5
  4. Picture looks almost like over-fertilization to me.
  5. my temps stay between 70 and 85 with humidity stabil between 25 and 35%
  6. I guess it could be over fertilization I don't have a ppm meter to start with and just try to look at the leaves
  7. Would you be able to flush?
  8. Have you flushed the water from your rez?
  9. Yep, flush and keep an eye on the temps

    Anyone's having problems with the app?
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    nutrient burn. youll be fine, dilute the rez with FILTERED water.
    this app works better than the prior one, besides not being able to upload images.
  11. when u resume nutes, use half strength of what u were at. and work ur way back up, if necessary. get a ppm tester. absolute necessity in DWC. ppm fluctuation will tell u if u need more or less nutes.
  12. thanks for all the help guys I flushed last night and im currently waiting on my light to come back on for updates
  13. Waiting...    :hippie: 
  14. *fingers crossed*  while we wait  :bongin:
  15. It looks like you over fertilized very badly. and buds look like week 3 of flowering what nutrients are you useing and at what Ratio to gallons?
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    yeah man i think your plant has toxic salt build-up.  hope you can save her

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