Sick plants, rusty spots, disformation of leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Davva93, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hello, i'm growing some White widow in My homemade growtent, My widows are Now 3 weeks old and the problems seem to be getting worse, they are growing kinda slow, some leaves dont grow correctly(not many tho) and the leaves are getting rusty/golden spots, dead spots obviously. 1.5 week ago they started getting yellow dots, 2 of the plants, then the spots became rusty, and Now the rusty spots are coming more frequently. Some leaves edges att also curling à bit upwards...ger i have à LOT of problems, Can someone help me please? What am i supposed to do?? Ill post some pics in a few min.
  2. Are u feeding yet, and whats the Ph ???

  3. Well, at week 1 i overfed then pretty hard, so i flushed the soil once and then i didnt fert untill 5 days ago, and i ferted 1/4 of the fert instructions, and the ph was à bit acidic so the last 2 waterings i've watered with 7.0
  4. Hey man.

    Ya, its nute burn from the early heavy feeding.

    Once u find the spot between 6.3 - 6.8 ph, the
    plant will recover nicely.

    No nutes until then.
    No more flushing either.

    Just some cool, good quality water, and please dont overwater.
    Moist - not wet.

  5. Epsom salt in water I tsp per gallon n garden lime In soil 1tbs per gallon of soil
  6. ok thanks guys, what do i do with the messed up leaves? just leave em hanging there?
    I guess this is the reason why they've been growing so slowly?
  7. Don't mess with the leaves. Just give it water like Freak said and your plants will be fine. We as MJ growers tend to get too involved sometimes and end up loving our plants to death.Best of luck with your grow.

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