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  1. This will be my first growing experience, so any advice would appreciated.. preferably good advice, though.

    Anyways, I have hydroponic indoor setup.. 600w hps, with 5 purple power clones. I have only had the clones just over a week, I got them in their second stage of growth and when I recieved them they looked very healthy despite being in shock from the move, they only had a few burnt looking (yellowish) tips on a few leaves.

    For the first week they had been on 24 hour lighting with watering 15 min every hour. They were growing at a healthy steady rate, but then I noticed that tips of the leaves began to turn yellow on all of the plants in various places. The first thing I did was add nutes that I had been planning on adding, just was difficult to get ahold of them. After a couple days of the nutes being in the water they continued to get even worse than before adding nutrients.

    Since the plants have been going downhill so quickly I reacted by changing as many things that I thought it could possibly be. I moved them further away from the light, flushed the water to lesson the amount of nutes, added a fan to help keep cool temps in the hot/dry area, lowered the watering to 5 hours per day, and the lighting to 20 hours per day.. I even added epsom salt to increase Mg.

    These plants still look fairly healthy, and I believe they are probably saveable.. But I need some good advice fast! I can post pics later on if need be, but I really just need some help.

    I have had these clones for 8 days now, and have seen drastic unhealthy change. I just made all those changes listed above yesterday (May 20).

    Symptoms include; Yellowing of leaves (mostly tips), curling leave tips (getting black and dead), and brown/black spots in various places.

    Any suggestions?
  2. pix would make it easier to know whats going on...
    whats ur ppm?
    whats ur pH?
  3. Can't get pics to upload, says something about security tokens..? or just failed.. Any suggestions on how to get them on here? Really need to get them looking better and fast!
  4. You can either use an image host like photobucket or imageshack or u can use the paperclip icon on the toolbar when u post and attach the images. :):wave:
  5. Dito this....

    What type water RO,tap,or....
  6. "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing"??

    Thats what I see when I try uploading the pics..

    Anyways, the plants don't seem to be getting better still even after I made changes.. Entire leaves are now yellowing and a lot of them look like they are dying. Should I just clip those leaves off, and save what's left looking healthy?

    And I have no way to test pH or ppm at the moment, any way to tell without a meter?
  7. Seriously, how come it won't let me add pics.. I know it should not be this hard. I'm getting irritated by it.

    Anyone? Admins?
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    Finally.. figured out a way to upload pics.. lol

    Anyways what seems to be the problem here?

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  9. You said you moved the lights further away. How far away were they before, and how far now?
  10. Were about 6 inches away at first. Now at least a 1'. They are still currently going downhill fast, I really want to save them, but for most of them it almost seems too late.

    My setup is in the attic, where when it's hot outside its suuuper hot up there.. I'm thinking it may just be too hot? Need to get a little air conditioning unit or something?

    If anyone has any suggestions.. please.
  11. A 600 watt HPS should probably be more like a foot and a half off. I think you're frying them.
  12. I just measure and the plants are 1'5" from the light, depending on the plant height. I do believe they are being scorched though, between the temp, humidity, and the heat of the light I don't know how they could live. I was planning on buying some sort of coolant/ac to keep the temps down, any ideas?

    I just had to go through and clip all the dead leaves, there were many.. but there are still plenty of flowers, is there any hope at this point? If so what can I do to save them?

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    u need to know ur ppm! food is to rich and u are frying ur plants, whats ur pH? it looks like u have some lock outs as well (Mg and Cal) due to an unbalance pH, also u need to bury those cubes with an inert aggregate, like hygroton grow rocks, or perlite. to keep light out of ur rez.

    what kinda system are u using? it looks like ur making a DWC with a top feed, if that rez is filled with water then u dont really need a top feed the roots will grow down into the solution and add lots of air.

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