Sick plants? Please help!! (yellow leaf septoria??)

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  1. Hello guys, so I have this problem and I don't know exaxtly what it is, looks like yellow leaf septoria or maybe some kind of deficiency. Please help, any suggestions are welcome
  2. There ya go[​IMG]

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  3. Thanks, is there an organic fertilizer that can help?
  4. hey man, are you a newer cannabis grower like myself? doesnt it suck how all the deficiencies look like the same shit on paper especially when drawn and not an actual pic (no offense to anyone but surely you know what I mean too). it could literally be a bug, or improper watering. improper watering leads to ph issues which leads to lockout which gives you the same symptoms as deficiency. that doesn't look like a mag deficiency to me tho. almost like some disease to be honest. ive seen that happen to my bush in the front yard and its never been a happy plant(not cannabis). looks way closer to yellow leaf dot than mag issues. ps I have grown prety much everything but cannabis so am familiar with how plants work.

    if your looking for organic magnesium as if it makes a diff compared to sythetic mag (not sure plants can differentiate between elements, usually most basic lowest denominator) then just go to store and buy some epsom salts. dirt cheap
  5. but from what ive gathered I dont think thats the proper way to fix plant. almost every experienced grower Ive met has told me that the number one issue people make when growing weed is theyll see something wrong and try to fix it with extra nutrients which just end up making things worse cuz theres usually a fat chance there enough of what u need in the soil already and that issue came from somewhere else.
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    IMHO Those spots are from the bug that is sitting on your plant. I can see the bug in your first photo towards the end of the leaf on the left. It certainly isn't a calmag deficiency.
  7. I would recommend moving away from chemicals and feed the soil.... I would use 1 tbsp molasses to 1 hall of ph'd water 5.5 to 6.3. Then wait. If the spots are just on some older leaves and not on new growth then problem solved
  8. Sure it can be anything, but its not....heres you a table to go by. Print it, keep it...[​IMG]

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  9. Everythings not going to be covered. For example someone explain why . 1 side of a plant is revegging, while the other side is[​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. Hey, yeah it's my first outdoor grow, first indoor grow was not succesful because I used too much nutrients, not enough light and my plant was weak and yield was very small. So this is my first outdoor grow and I learned a lot before I started, now I use my own mixed supersoil based on SubCool recipe, and organic compost tea, worm castings, and other organic stuff for nutrients. Everything was fine and the plants were looking good till now, the plant in the picture is an autoflower that started flowering and the dots on the leaves showed like a week ago. But I also have a photoperiod plants that have the same problem starting now. I don't know, maybe the problem is with watering but I can't do much when it's raining, and lately weather has been bad, almost raining all week. Today I bought epsom salt so I will add a little bit of it to water and probably I will water them tommorow, so I will update with more pictures. Also I have a problem with slugs and snails eating my plants, I made the tin cans around my plants, chicken wire cage, copper wire and also egg scrumblings around my plants but somehow they still manage to get on plants and eat the leaves. I will make some more beer traps for slugs, but maybe someone can suggest something else? And one plant has problem with ants, they are eating leaves.
  11. Thanks for help, I really don't know what's the problem. Tommorow I will try to update with pictures, so maybe someone will see what's the problem.
  12. Can't find mollases in the place where I live :D
  13. Sometimes plants live their own lives and makes headache to us :D
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  14. I would say flush with ph'd water asap. About 3x or as much as you can the container size.
  15. I would say flush with ph'd water asap. About 3x or as much as you can the container size.
  16. Thank's for help, the plants have got plenty of rain water for last five days so I am afraid to overwater them if I flush them.
  17. Looking at this I think it may be Calcium deficiency
  18. post the pics under a normal light dude

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  19. Well the roots ph has drifted from the 5.5-6.3 zone. When you flush with correct ph'd water you are rebalancing any ph issues at the roof zone

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