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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bsnow0053, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. ok so i had a problem for alittle while with the leaves dying and falling off and i couldnt figure out the problem until i notcied little holes in the soil and knats flying around so i think its fungus knats i used some spray to kill them and stuff but im not sure if the ladies are gunna live...i have 8 plants and life half of them or alittle more have lost most of their leaves besides the tops and i dont know if theyre gunna live so please help...and i wasa wondering my ladies are 5 weeks into flowering and the top buds are super hard and the hairs are starting to turn orange but it doesnt really smell like bud when i smell the bud it smells more like fresh plant? PLEASE HELP:(
  2. Sounds like you have a salinity issue. I had this problem back in the day before I started testing the EC of my solution and my runoff. I would wager a guess that your runoff EC is off the charts right now.

    Taking your plants to this place is bad news and you're not going to bring them back to perfect health while in flowering. To minimize the grams you will lose to plant stress I suggest rinsing the media with a very low strength nutrient solution. I'm talking about gallons of solution through your planters to be collected and disposed of. This should remove the buildup.

    Fungus gnats are a bitch. I don't like spraying things on my plants, or my media, especially not pesticides. What I have used that works extremely well are the HotShot No Pest strips that can be found at most Grocery and Hardware stores. Put one of these in the growing area but as far from the plants as you can manage. In about a week you should be able to pull it out of there.

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